The fault in our stars (2014)

Last summer this movie came out and I was very excited. I saw it in the cinema and I was crying my eyes out.

Where is the story about?

Two teens, who both have different cancer conditions, fall in love after meeting at a cancer support group. So they go to Amsterdam to meet the girl’s favourite writer.





So what did I think?

I liked it, the story is such a hard story and I could tell that the actress in the story had a hard time with it. I get it, it’s not an easy part to play. I liked it though, it was a great movie. I got the book because of it. I think it’s great that a movie like this makes people want to read books. I think that is the best thing a movie can do.

If I finish the book I will make a book post. I really liked this movie but I didn’t love it. When I saw the movie all I was thinking was I went to the cinema to see Amsterdam if I wanted to see Amsterdam I would have just gone there. For me there where to many shots of the streets and not enough character development. It was a good movie; it wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst either. I loved it more the second time I watched the movie. The story is good through and played alright seen the conditions they play the love part very well… I did like it and if you want to watch a movie and if you feel like crying. Watch this one! Besides Ansel Elgort is a quit hot, I find him such a pleasure to watch.

Also I loved the ending, how it just ended in the middle of live, the way Hazel said it always happens, I liked that. Because it makes a lot of sense.

What did you think of the fault in our stars?

Lots of love, 

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