How many times I heard “respect is earned not given” and every time I thought that sounds good on paper but that is not how it works.

Because when your friends friend cheated on their gf/bf and they tell someone that person might say “oh wow I don’t have any respect for someone like that” or “I lost all my respect for that person, that’s just not a cool thing to do”. Respect is earned in a way but it’s also given.

You give someone an amount of respect just a bit. You are friendly and kind when you meet someone or I hope that you are anyway.  When you get to know someone more you can lose your respect or gain respect for that person. If the person does charity work you might respect them more or if they help people or whatever.

I think everyone needs to step back and release that respect is a big word tossed around like it’s nothing which is not true. You can surly lose your respect because of so many reasons like someone is a mean person or they are lying to you or because they did something really bad. But you can’t lose your respect because ‘she doesn’t look nice’… ever heard of a resting bitch face? Well… Let me explain.

Get a mirror and look at yourself. Don’t smile, don’t wrinkle your forehead just look. The person who looks at you might look appreciable or kind but some people have a resting bitch face which means that if they don’t do anything but look their face will look bitchy. Mine is and so many of my friends have said “I didn’t think you would be this nice when I first saw you… You looked very bitchy” I can laugh about it but it’s sad. You know because people that don’t know you have these thoughts about you when they don’t even know you. So losing respect over pictures or rumours? That’s a sad thing which you should try not to do. Don’t judge until you know what is going on.

Respect is earned but it’s also given and you need to release that you get back what you give and that’s it’s so easy not to give that first bit of respect to people on the internet but you would in real life. Treat people online as you would tread them in real life. To be honest I don’t know what to say more. I just hope you tread someone the way you want to be treated. Be kind.

What do you think of respect, is it earned or given?

Lots of love,


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