What to do when you are feeling down


People feel down sometimes, and that is totally okay. However it isn’t right to just be sad all the time. When you do feel sad all the time I do think you should see a professional. But when you are just a bit upset these are the things I like to do, because after doing this you will feel a whole lot better (hopefully).

Think about the things that make you happy

So sometimes your life feels very boring and you feel like you have nothing cool to do. Think about what makes you happy. Here some examples: I am happy when… I curl my hair in the morning, when I listen to the birds singing. When I find a beautiful piece of classical music, When I play guitar and so on and so forth.

Do something that makes you smile

This is kind of the same thing but do something that makes you happy. Go shopping, go to the movies, go out for dinner. Do something to change the things that you always do. Do something to make your day brighter. Find out the things that make you happy and do those things.

Be around happy people

Happiness is catching. Be around people who are happy and you will be happier quicker.

Talk about what is bothering you

Sometimes it is good to lose some steam and talk about it. It may help you to see the problem in a whole different light.

Be active, go run or go for a walk 

This works so well for me. I can walk for hours and just enjoy the world around me. Just look around at all the beauty the world has to show. The same with running it makes my head empty.

Do something it helps!

Sitting at home staring at the wall isn’t going to make your happy so do something doesn’t matter how small it is. Don’t drown yourself in sadness, it won’t help anything or anyone.

Write it off

This is the same with talking about it. It helps to see things differently.

Watch a movie or a tv show

This is so good! It relaxes you and gives you a bit of time to just breath and be happy. It’s a relaxing thing which you sometimes need so plan it in for yourself. Plan the free time to watch whatever you like. Just binge watch a new series it keeps your mind off the things around you and on the show.

Get involved in activities

The same with doing something. Just plan things. Do something what makes you happy.


It’s alright to be sad. You are not weak cry it out.


And after that laugh. Have fun. Think about other things. Laugh and the feeling of happiness will come. Trust me.


And remember that you will be alright and if not? See a doctor about you. Everything is going to be okay. 

Lots of love, 


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