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Middle of the month adventures (September) and haul

When you read this I have been here for a while and everything might have changed. But for now I have been here for a two weeks and I like it a lot. So let me tell you about it…

You might wonder where I am, you might not remember where I went. I am abroad. I am in the beautiful city New Castle Upon Tyne.

It doesn’t feel like I have been here for two weeks it feels so much longer. It has been such a lovely and weird experience. Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new. I have imagined going abroad for years now but I never thought I would so be the way it is. I don’t really feel homesick; I am not sad (which I had expected). I am happy, I am learning and I am growing every single day. It is a good environment to be in a environment that is lovable and sweet but also sets standards.

My internship is amazing and everyone is very nice. It’s a big learning experience. The first weekend I was here we went to the Tynemouth railway station to the market which was very fun. I got a pretty necklace there. It was seven or eight pounds. Then we went to the beach which is incredible! It is absolutely gorgeous.

I also decorated my room. I chose red, white and grey as my colour scheme. I got a bunch of fairy lights. And a Christmassy throw. I have the Christmas room I always wanted to have.

I also bought big make-up bag so that I could store my make-up in one place instead of two bags, two dresses for my internship, leggings some more decorations and a little mirror. I spent a ton of money on that but it’s worth it if I am honest. I needed extra clothes for my internship because the rules are so strict and I only had one pair of trousers. Manly because it is very difficult to find the correct work attire that also looks fashionable. Whereas in England it is a piece of cake. The rules applied, apply in most offices where back home not of that is that strict.

Some rules as an example

  • No jeans
  • No trainers
  • No tattoos shown
  • No UGGS

Anyway the second weekend, I went to the metro centre shopping mall. I got a few things there.


Lots of love,

This post originally included a haul, I have deleted that bit because I didn’t like the photo’s attached.

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