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Middle of the month October

Here is the thing… I spent more money than is good for me but then again, I can. I am not spending money I don’t have. I am spending the money I earned. I have to say I worked so hard the whole year to afford all of this and I am not only talking about the stuff I do show but the thing is if I want to go out and buy Starbucks or a tuna sandwich at Greggs or a big bottle of juice at M&S, I can and I will.

I have been learning so much about myself, about what I want in life. How I want to live, study and be as a person. What makes me the happiest person and what makes me sad or upset.  I can’t tell you how this effected me. I am not living a normal life at the moment. I am not living in a way most eighteen-year-old people live. This is going to effect my life so much when I am back but for me at this point I can’t really explain how it will change me although I know it will and I know it has. I already feel it. I think we will see how it goes when I get back and yes I am planning on making a post about that.

I feel so grateful to have had this experience and to be still in the middle of it. To this date it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Lots of love,

This post originally included a haul, I have deleted that bit because I didn’t like the photo’s attached.

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