Opinions, phones, pictures and judgement

Lately I noticed that I have a new favourite sentence which is the following

“I have an opinion about that but I just, I won’t”

I have always been a very honest person sometimes more than what is good for me. I can actually hurt people’s feelings but most of the time I don’t mean it like it comes across. Most of my friends are fully aware and just tell me when they don’t agree. Sometimes I want to blog about something but decided against it not because I care that much that people have different opinions like let’s agree to disagree and move on but because I feel like you can’t always fully explain yourself on the internet. You can’t look at someone and be sure they understand what you mean trough let’s say for example Facebook. You don’t know if they know why you put it in that way. But I wanted to have a little talk about social media and phones and what place is better to talk about it then social media.

I talked about the not so happy days before and about what people don’t share. Click here to read that post.

This is a quote directly from that post:

“You might find it difficult to see but all the people you follow on Instagram or twitter all those friends on Facebook are sharing their happy moment, there happy days. They won’t show the bad stuff the days they cry, the days they feel down, they days they just need a hug or the days that everything seems to go wrong. I’m a private person but yes I do that too, I share the highlights of my life and the dark days are hidden somewhere between my mind and my mouth. To be stuck there forever.

 The use of your phone

Have you ever been to a friend’s house or a restaurant or just a meet up somewhere and that friend is on their phone the whole time? I have and I am pretty sure most of the people have.  I always feel the need to take the phone out of their hands and throw it away. I never have though. I have however walked away from people. It’s alright if you sit on your phone sometimes but if we are in the middle of a conversation it is simple not alright. Who is more important me or the person on your phone? Now sometimes I find myself getting caught up on my phone but if I am in a conversation I try to put it away as quick as I can and you know what? If you are somewhere with someone and you have fun, you don’t have to be on your phone. I can sit in a restaurant with friends for hours and not once check my phone. I can have a whole shopping day and only use my phone to check the time. 

Sharing pictures and sharing life

As I said in that other post, people share good moments not bad once so don’t compare your behind the scene with someone else’s on stage moments. The way we have become is actually horrible. Some people go very far to make it seem like they have a great life on the internet. You don’t always have to put everything online or make a pictures of everything. I mean pictures are fun don’t get me wrong but did you really have a better night because you put it on Facebook? No you didn’t. Now of course you can share pictures of your life. I love to do that. I mean this coffee was really amazing or I saw this nice plant or I made an amazing selfie or look at my freaking cute starbucks cup it even has my name on it. It’s not wrong to share those things as long as it doesn’t take away the fun of the real thing.

What you shouldn’t do then? 

I make one maybe two pictures of food and drinks. Is the picture terrible? That’s a shame. I do this because I will not eat or drink cold food/cold hot drinks. Now I don’t always make pictures of food. But I love to do it from time to time. It’s just sad when people go on holiday and the only thing they have to show for it is the pictures? Where are the stories?

  • The time it was so hot in Pisa that you bought one of those umbrellas to find out it didn’t work and it was more to carry?
  • Or that time you came at this scary ass campsite that you even put the chairs in the trailer tent thing?
  • Or that time in Italy when this Italian woman yelled at you because it was siesta?
  • Or that time when you were doing your hair and no one could drink tea or coffee for the whole duration of your hair routine?
  • Or when you went on holiday and it was so cold you needed to go out and buy a heater.

I mean pictures are one thing. I have picture from all those holidays but those pictures don’t say anything. Me and mum in front of museum, doesn’t tell you she lost her sunglasses so we needed to go back in and hunt for them.

A picture of my brother and I running towards the sea, doesn’t tell you we had a fight about who was first and splashing each other with the ice cold sea water to prove our point.

A selfie with me and my dad doesn’t show that we were standing on strawberry lane at a tour of the Beatles that we both really enjoyed.

Pictures don’t show you fun moments. It’s hard to watch that now a day’s people are busier with making a picture of fireworks, the stars, the sunset or an effing pizza to enjoy the view or the company they have.

What I mean is that you should appreciate what you have. Yes you can take a picture of something you like or find beautiful but don’t forget to stand still and appreciate it and really look at what you have

Judging people online

I have a lot of opinions on this but I won’t go to deep into it. It is wrong, it is very wrong but everyone does it. Now you can think oh wow I would love that and you can let it go. You can put goals for yourself or you can get inspired but it’s not okay to carry it on and be mean to that person because of what they did or how they are. You can absolutely not like someone that is fine but why look for that person? Why associate with them? Don’t like them, unfriend. Be nice when you see them because there is no reason to be immature but other people’s life shouldn’t make your angry. Something is going very wrong if that happens. That is an age thing as well. I mean

“Maturing is realising how many things don’t require your comment”.

At the end of the day sharing your life online is totally alright as long as you don’t forget to live life. To do things because you want to do them and not because it looks good on the internet.

What are your thoughts? 

Lots of love,


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