Getting ready for school

While I am shopping in New York City or sleeping on a beach in Australia or partying with my friends in an expensive club… Beep beep my alarm goes, it always goes off to early and it is always annoying.

Girls can get ready in ten minutes but we choose not to. I like to admire my brows or take a little bit longer on that eyeliner but for schooldays you want to spend time in bed as long as possible. Now you can just decide to not wear make-up, to wear your hair in a ponytail and to wear sweats to school but I can’t. Ever since I was a little girl I loved doing hair and dressing up and later I started to love make-up.

So how do you stay in bed as long as possible but still look your best at school? (or work). Here are a few things you can do!

Plan your time

You know very well how much time you need. You don’t need to wake up an hour before you need to leave because you need to brush your hair. Know what you want to do and think about how much time it is going to take.

Ready, set, sleep.

Alright so try to get into the habit of making sure you don’t have much to do in the morning. Make the sandwich you want to take to school already and put it in the fridge. Pack your bag and set it somewhere where you can easily grab it.


Think about what you want to wear the day before, Lay it all out on a chair or a desk. Do it how you are going to get dressed. So put your jeans on the chair first shirt on top of that, cami on top of that and then underwear. If you have more pairs of shoes set your shoes next to you clothes as well otherwise, you will spend unnecessary time to pick out a pair.

Make up 

My make-up collection isn’t big but I have more than you can put on your face at once so I need to pick out my make up as well which is hard sometimes. Am I in an eyeliner mood or an eyeshadow mood?  I set it on my vanity. I also put my perfume, deodorant and face cream on the vanity as well. Just to make sure I won’t forget it and it is so much quicker than going to my drawers to find that one perfume I need.


I curl my hair, I always do. Curly hair is my thing. So what I do is put my heatprotectend, the curling iron of my choice and my hairspray on my desk. Make sure you don’t put the iron in the socket you don’t want to burn your house down.

To snooze or not to snooze? 

I love to snooze; I plan time in to snooze. Yes, I love it that much. It is actually better when you don’t snooze but I can’t help it. So if you like to snooze set your alarm a little earlier. It sucks when you wake up but it will be better in the long run.

It only takes a second…

When I am done with my stuff I always put it back in my drawers so that when I come home it’s all put away and neat. A neat room is a clear head. The only thing left is my unplugged hot tool because it is better if it cools down first. When you get home, you will thank yourself because it will give you more time to relax before you need to start homework.


Always, ALWAYS eat breakfast. If you can’t eat in the morning just take it with you but no don’t skip breakfast. It is really imported. It starts the day, it gives you energy and kick starts your wonderful day. If you have a hard time eating breakfast schedule it in and do it first thing. You are more likely to finish it then. If you can’t eat bread which I understand because I can’t in the morning, choose yogurt or cereal. Never ever skip breakfast, breakfast is important and then before you know it it’s time to go…

Good luck 

Now you can start your day, good luck. Give the world you biggest smile.


What do you do in the morning? 

Lots of love,


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