REAL struggles women with big boobs face

A couple of days ago I was reading a piece by the Dutch cosmopolitan about struggles that women with big boobs face and I was looking at the comments and somehow it inspired me to make this post. So here we go

A little disclaimer before we start; All boobs are amazing and beautiful don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

First of all, what is considered big? 

Well if you are a natural European D or up. Sorry babes if you can hardly fill a c cup you don’t have big boobs. It’s not a problem thought, regular boobs are gorgeous as well and so are small once. And a FYI it only counts when it was measured by a professional. Because wearing an E and having one is different.

1. Buying bra’s

Bras are amazing, aren’t they. They give support, they look sexy and are a girls best unwanted friend since puberty. Now for women like me who face another problem the struggle of a bra is even bigger. You can’t buy a bra at let’s say H&M no, you need to go to a special lingerie store where bras are expensive. But it doesn’t stop there, no we need to find our type of bra because not all of them will work and look good. When you finally find one that feels good, it’s ugly. And then once in a lifetime you find a perfect one, it looks good, it feels good, it’s pretty and then you face a different struggle. You have the same bra in five different colours which still makes your bra life feel dull.

2. Swimwear

They don’t ever sell your size anywhere so these are also very expensive which sucks. And because I don’t have an xxl bum, sets are not an option.

3. Matchy-matchy

I believe that matching your bra and underwear makes your whole day better. It can make you feel put together and sexy. But if you want this and you can only buy expensive bra’s, you also need to buy expensive underwear. Hurray! However what you can do is buying a plain simple colour and finding underwear of that colour in less expensive shops.

4. Boys and men and ever thing in between

If I had a euro for every time a guy said these words. “But they are quit big, what’s your cupsize like? “I would have a ton of money. The same for people who look at your boobs before they look at your face… Not cute. To all boys, show some respect.

5. Girls

Jealousy. I didn’t choose them either so stop it. It’s annoying. Also girls with regular boobs pretending and screaming everywhere that they have big boobs. Girls with big breasts know that you don’t have to tell anyone, everyone already knows. Don’t be jealousy of what other have, it won’t give you what you want.

6. Thebra lessmovement 

Not an option.

7. Tops

Especially when you have a small upper body but you need to size up because it doesn’t fit your boobs. It’s upsetting.

8. Deep cuts

Cami tops are your best friend, but it’s still annoying.

9. Strapless

No explanation needed.

10. Sporstbras.

The heavy duty once, it’s a sports bra or no workouts. And no they feel terrible. Bras aren’t supposed to hurt ever, but a bra that squeezes it all in isn’t like wearing a pyjama shirt.
Oh and another note. If you feel like you need to take your bra off when you come home because it hurts. You are wearing the wrong bra.

What are some boob struggles you go through?

Lots of love,

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