Decluttering a calming mind and minimalism

This might be a silly question but I really am wondering about it. Does anyone else love to declutter especially over summer break? I love, love throwing away stuff I have actually been really good at it this summer and I think I know why. 


When I was living abroad I didn’t have that many items now people that lived with me might disagree alright I still went with two suitcases and left with uhm.. more than that but still I didn’t have a huge collection of make-up or clothes and guess what it didn’t bother me at all. 

I didn’t really need all that stuff. So what I have been doing is throwing away items I never use, or items that don’t fit right, are broken etc. (I throw it out because it isn’t hygienic to share used make-up. I do however give products that are useable to my mum or friends)


If you organised your room, you are ready to start the new school year, fresh. It’s like a fresh start. It’s also good to know what you own. because sometimes you simply forget. I also love to change up my room decor and to change up what you put where in your room. it makes me calm. I don’t know it’s strange.

I also admire minimalist. I mean how cool is it to own a very few items and be totally happy? Now I kind of tried to do it a little but I still own a ton of shoes, bags, make-up. The thing is those things do make me happy. Shoes for example, I am a shoe girl, shoes make me happy. I do take very good care of my shoes and don’t throw them out after one season so I do try to not waste too much. 

I might someday become a minimalist but for now I do love the things around me and little items that decorate my room such as candles and books look cute. 

Anyway my back to school tip for the season; a clean room means a clean mind and for everyone moving out and going on their own. You honestly can live with less, if you don’t have it you make do. 



Lots of love, 



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