Fifty shades Darker (2017)

Today I want to tell you all about fifty shades darker. I am not going to do it like I normally do it. I am going to give spoilers in this one because of the fact that I need to explain myself.

But long story, no spoilers… It a fun film to watch. It’s not the best, it’s not for young children but it’s also not a porn movie. Okay so that’s out of the way. Let’s get into the movie…


If you are not of age in your country and you are not allowed to see the movie in the cinema’s. The movie will be sixteen plus or eighteen plus depending on the country. I suggest to not read this post. Although I do think it’s save to read I don’t think it’s something you would like. If you want to see the movie and/or just read the post you can do that at you own ‘risk’. Enjoy xo

Where is the movie about?

While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront the anger and envy of the women who came before her. I got this description here.  At first I was laughing about it and it took me a moment but it is actually pretty accurate. So

You can watch the trailer here

“”I don’t see how this can work”. Sure you can’t Ana.” 

What did I think? 

And it’s a long one this time….

Like I said before, this is different that normally because today in honour of the movie.

I wanted to get a shade darker…

So like it said before this is the moment where I am going to tell you spoilers just because I feel with this film I can’t say what I want to say without explaining it. My advice is to go watch the first film and then the second one after that come back and have a giggle with me. You can read it before but I don’t want to ruin the fun and you will leave this post with a bit of a bias. Before I start, I want to add really quickly that the movie theatre I saw this movie at had horrendous service this day. I have never been sent up and down without the staff knowing where you can get whatever they sell. It hasn’t affected how I viewed this movie but I did want to mention it. I also wrote about Fifty Shades of Grey, that was heaps of fun, read about that here. So anyway on to the good stuff, the actual review.

First of all, the vibes between Christian and Anastasia was a whole lot better in this movie. You could tell that the actors where a whole lot more comfortable with each other. To go right in it really wasn’t that sexual. Christian Grey is a very kinky, dominant guy in the books as well as the first movie. In the second movie however he doesn’t want to do that anymore, he is ‘over it’. That’s not really how it happens. In the books (he says it too in the movie) that he does that stuff because he has mental issues. Now I haven’t seen him picking it up with a professional so I am assuming he didn’t go to a professional.

He said ‘I made a decision to not do that stuff anymore’ (I am paraphrasing) that’s not how it works, it’s not. If you have mental problems and you do stuff like this to cope with those mental problems, you can’t just stop and be absolutely fine. If you use sex for your mental problems, I advise you to seek help from a professional. I think it’s damaging to put it in a movie in this way because he is fighting quit big battles in his brain and people that see that and have similar problems might think it’s that easy to get rid of them and it’s not. It was so frustrating especially because I am studying psychology, I am going to be a professional in that field. I couldn’t not touch on it, I just found it very strange and like I said damaging. So then one to the Anastasia girl, oh my she was even worse.

“I haven’t seen him picking it up with a professional so I am assuming he didn’t go to a professional.” 

Right so Christian said goodbye to wanting to get kinky and he now in this movie he wants a ‘normal’ relationship, or ‘vanilla’ or whatever you want to call it. I would prefer a ‘pecan’ relationship because I like the word ‘pecan’ a lot more then ‘vanilla’, I don’t think it’s a thing. (I hope it’s not because I would be awkward because I have no clue). So in the last movie they broke up because he was too kinky. She had asked him to show her his ‘worst’ which was him slapping her on the bum. Fast forward to this movie he is all ‘healed’ and now she wants all the kinky stuff ‘what?!’ no, that not alright. Well no it is alright to want sex like that but she broke up with the man over it, it was such a change, they made a complete 180 the both of them.

If you boil it down, if you boil the whole movie down, they did three different types of sex position (or something like that, I didn’t actively count). Again nothing wrong with that, if you do one position with you partner and that works, you do you. No judgment here. However, this is a movie about BDSM now I don’t know much about BDSM but I do know that this isn’t it. It’s just a ‘normal’ relationship with some kinky stuff, and that is not BDSM. It just wasn’t that sexual it really honestly wasn’t. I have a theory that if you ask a bunch of virgin how they would describe a kinky/BDSM relationship, this would be it. (I have however no ground to make that claim, it’s just a thought).

“It was such a change, they made a complete 180 the both of them.”

It wasn’t that good to be honest. I expected a whole lot more. It was nice and lovely. But it wasn’t that ‘new’ it’s the same concept as every other romantic movie to be honest. Jamie Dornan is hot; however, he is not awfully hot. But the further the movie goes, the hotter he gets. She is awkward (Anastasia) so it makes it makes the whole thing awkward. Because she is this awkward girl (in the first movie) and then she has sex and turns into this hot girl. Anyway in the books from what I remember she is hot but doesn’t know it. In the movie she is like pretty but she has an awful haircut (Sorry Dakota, I’m not really a fan of your bangs. Not that she will see this, but still.) No offence at all to anyone with bangs it can look good but I do think Dakota would look more amazing without them but as long if she is happy. But in the second movie Anastasia is suddenly this vamp that felt very unreal to me.

Back to the movie, I was with a friend and the whole time we were waiting for the good stuff. The kinky sex everyone and their mum’s was talking about for weeks. It didn’t happen, it just didn’t and I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointing about it. Like I said Anastasia was very frustrating last time she broke up with Christian because of his ‘worst’ but then now she is so interested, she wants it all. They changed character. There is nothing wrong with wanting that stuff in your relationship or changing your mind however the last time she broke up with him because of the bum slapping. Suddenly you want that? I just don’t get it, what changed? You left him for that, your back one whole minute and you want that same thing you left him for. Why? Keep going with the mixed signals Ana, way to go. The whole movie almost everyone that he knew from before was telling Anastasia that Christian was going to be bored, he needed to be a Dom or whatever. But he looks like a teddy-bear. He doesn’t look intimidating, treating or anything like that. To me (again, maybe it’s me. Probably isn’t but could be).

“In the second movie Anastasia is suddenly this vamp that felt very unreal to me.”   

I wouldn’t mind a boyfriend like that. He is the perfect boyfriend he gives his girl a car, hair treatments, beautiful clothes and is overall very nice. He is a very loving sweet boyfriend and not as controlling as he was in the first movie. The part in the pool house. It was very lovely and my favourite part. I will keep what exactly happened a spoiler.

So this movie Anastasia transformed from this awkward girl into this sexy girl that knows how to dress. Where did you get style from Ana? Where did you find it? How did you find it? In the beginning she wears a dress, so pretty with a split on the back and she looks amazing so good but classy. How? Last movie you didn’t have much style, suddenly you do. Where did it come from? In the books he gave her clothes and what not but they broke up and I do get that it is all amazing but she doesn’t care about that so I can’t imagine why she would wear that after they broke up. Especially when she wanted to throw out pretty roses and a very handy vase. Vases are made of glass Ana, they don’t go in the trash can.

The movie was frustrating, it was alright. Not the best not the worst. I can’t wait for the next one though. I need to know how it ends. How they do the last one, I need to know. And I can’t wait to write about that one.

“Keep going with the mixed signals Ana, way to go.”

Last thought the ending wasn’t there just because they want to make a new one, it was poorly done to be honest.

Some other random thought

– At the end of the day, I didn’t really like it all that much. It was good but I don’t fancy seeing it again. Besides if you want to watch a porn movie, just watch a real porno. Cause this is not it.
– A golden tip from me is to don’t drag your boyfriend to this one, just take your girlfriends. You can though but I think it’s a whole lot more fun with your friends if I am honest.
– In a scene she was wearing this very sexy, very hot lingerie set. She was putting a dress on. Next clip dress goes off and she is only wearing bottoms. That was sad. It looked so good!
– Nipple clips look painful, but that’s maybe just me.
– Coming back on Dakota’s hair one last time, I saw a picture of her with side sweep bangs and that looks so hot and sexy. She really pulls of that look. Again full bangs don’t look terrible however she looks better without them in my personal humble opinion.

-Last but not least, I will absolutely watch fifty shades freed and tell you all about it.
To tie (lol) an end to this post, I’ll see you next year Mr. Grey.

Lots of love,


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