My blog was born September 20, 2014 and reborn 3 years on a different platform. You might ask yourself why I choose to change platforms which I have talked about in my first post here but it’s one of those things where I have changed so much in a little over a year. I became a totally different person. When I was sick I learned a whole lot of things about life, love and core values. For me it was fitting, I felt reborn so my blog needed to be reborn too.

I wanted to start a blog since 2009 (do the math I was 12). I bought a curling iron and wasn’t sure how to use it. I went on google and searched a tutorial on it. That’s how I found the YouTube community. Wow, there are girls out there who talk about beauty and fashion? Cool! I want to do that too! I didn’t have friends who loved the same things as I did back then. So it was great for me to see all those girls who loved the same things as I did. Still years later I hardly have people around me that love make-up. Lots of girls feel that make-up is something they need to do and not want to do. For me it’s different. I love taking care of the way I look, I love changing it up. I love feeling good and for me make-up and hair comes hand in hand with that. It’s not that I feel terrible when I don’t wear make-up. I don’t hate myself when I look in the mirror. The right make-up, the right shoes and the right clothes give me the confidence I need to concur the world.

So I went to mum and told her that I wanted to start a blog, my mum then said that I needed to wait till I was sixteen before she was okay with me starting a blog. If I am honest with you I’m glad she said that. I’ll get into that in a bit. I turned sixteen March 2013 and I didn’t start a blog because I was afraid no one would read and like it. It may sound weird but I didn’t really know where I wanted to talk about. A thing to know is that I was in high school back then, I was so much more confident then I was when I was twelve but it wasn’t as big as it, is now. There was a lot more personal growing for me to do.

“I didn’t have friends who loved the same things as I did back then. So it was great for me to see all those girls who loved the same things as I did”.

I love beauty, fashion, books, films and photography and a whole lot of other things. I wanted a place where I can talk about everything and anything. I won’t and probably will never be able to talk about all the new make-up lines because sometimes they don’t sell it in the country where I live and I don’t have the time to work enough to be able to afford it all. Don’t get me wrong I’m a shopaholic and I love to buy stuff but that’s just not reasonable. I’m not the best person to explain how you can put on eyeshadow or how you can curl your hair. But I have my own way of doing stuff and it may help because you may understand my explanation better then someone else’s. And I won’t say I’m the most fashionable girl in the world but I do know what looks good together so you may get inspired. The thing is, I’m not a model in a magazine, I’m not a professional blogger nor a social influencer. I am a girl that had a dream when she was twelve and she made it come true.

Everything I ever wanted was to inspire people and I might or might not one day. In a world full of opportunity, we need to try. We need to try to make our dreams come true. We need to set goals; we need to try to change our world. To make it better, to be happier and more fulfilled in life.

 “I wanted a place where I can talk about everything and anything”.

So that one Saturday in September I decided that it was now or never so I started my blog. Now three years later, I still don’t understand it all. I am not as good in writing as I wish I was, my photo’s aren’t as cool as other peoples. I sometimes have no idea where to write about or if it’s good enough what I wrote down. I am however authentic and I give myself some brownie points for that. Back in 2014 I wrote this: “Blogging is a scary thing for me because what if people don’t like it? Or what if there comes a day that I don’t know where to blog about? Or what if I make the weirdest spelling mistakes? (which I do, sorry about that). Then what? And then I thought well nothing really. I need to do it for myself and not to please others and if you like what you read that’s an amazing plus for me. Back in the day I wasn’t to sure about my look. (fashion and make-up wise) I was searching myself without really knowing where I was looking for. I think I found myself and my own style. I like how I look like most of the time (we all have our off days). I know what I love and I think that that’s a thing I needed before I could start this blog”.

I decided to stop waiting for someone else to make my blogging experience better and go back to the basics. Back to where it all started, to go back to how I felt back then. The happiness and the inspiration I felt back then, I needed to have that back. I felt like blogger was a burden on me. It made me feel like I couldn’t be my true self online. So that’s why we are here, and I couldn’t be more proud.

In a world full of opportunity, we need to try. We need to try to make our dreams come true”.

I’m not sure about my schedule yet. I am thinking a post on Sunday and (accessionally) on Wednesdays. It might change later on, I’ll update you on that!

“Blogging changed something for me. It may sounds crazy but I can call myself a blogger now and that’s just weird. I am so incredibly proud if I see it on my twitter or instagram..


That’s what I am now and that’s so weird. It’s a dream that came true. I always wanted to own a blog a little part of the internet where I can share my ideas and thoughts. Now I finally have that place.”

And now three years later I have my down site, my true place on the internet, the pride is incredible. Thank you for reading. I really appreciate it. If you want me to talk about something I’m open for suggestions.

Lots of love,


*this post was altered and rewritten to fit this blog. The original post went live on 1/11/2014

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