The power of loving make-up

I love make up, always have and I guess I always will. From the very first see trough lipstick I ever put on my lips. Oh boy how I loved it, the made me feel truly chic and grown up. I used to like lip balm but when I discovered what the world had to offer for lip products I was hooked.

I never knew what kind of girl I was. Some girls are shoe girls, others jackets, others hats, some are eyeshadow girls or skirt girls. I am not and I never knew until someone told me “You always wear something on your lips don’t you? That’s you” and from that moment I knew, I am a lip girl. Which is something I embraced for all I was worth.

A lot of people always say that they love how make up can transform your face, how it can make you be a completely different person. I always agreed with that, and in a way I always that, that’s it. I like make up because it can make me look different. Until I realised something major.

I don’t use make up to look different, quite the contrary. I like make-up because it makes me look like me. And not for any other reason than the fact that I love me, I love how I look. I don’t want to be anyone else. I like me, and at the end of the day. This is my hand, my cards. I can’t be anyone else. Sometimes when I don’t like myself that much, I wish I could be. I tried to be in a way, new. A new me.

I learned in the past months, that who I am. What I have been trough. It made me who I am today. I am proud of her, I don’t want to be another girl, I want to be me. And I want to love every single second of it. That’s why I love make up. Make up can make you, you but better. It can make you the girl your meant to be. It can make you, you. I want to be myself but God, I want to like it. Make up makes me feel confident, it makes me feel alive, it makes me feel me. I go outside without a bit of make up on no problem. Which I used to do but not as often as I do now.

I fell out of love with make up when I was ill. I was hiding behind it, trying to be another person. Trying to be my former self or someone I wanted to be but I wasn’t trying to be myself. That is looking back when I knew. I don’t love make up because it can make you different.

Confidence is the best beauty product you can own. I never like people that feel the need to put girls down that wear make-up. You clean your nails, you use shower gel in the shower, shampoo for your hair. And I use make-up to feel my best self. There is nothing wrong with that. I don’t use make-up to change myself. Make-up is one of those things you can put on and not look different when done but when you put a side to side you will clearly see a difference.

I am not ugly without make-up. I am not using make-up to change my appearance. I am simply using it to boost my confidence. Even though a pink lipstick isn’t in any way natural which everyone knows. You can still make the whole look natural. It’s also okay if you don’t. Trust me sometimes I wear bright red lips and a winged line and I feel like I can concur the world.

Other people use perfume, or jeans that show off their amazing bum, some use hair gel or they grow out a beard. I use make-up. It’s not wrong to be feminine as a girl. You don’t have to be feminine, you can be feminine without make-up. But it’s also perfectly fine to love to wear make-up and show your feminine side. In a way it sometimes feels like that isn’t okay. But it totally is, it’s okay to put thought in your looks. Not for anyone, or for everyone.

So girl (or boy) put on that make-up, give yourself that. I love myself with or without make-up but I am not taking anything away from me. I love putting make-up on, to put in that extra effort. To wake up early and have some me time. My make-up dresser is where I find the peace to put a brave smile on my face and concur the world. And I am never going to give anyone the power to put me down for it.

It’s not just a hobby, it’s a way for me to love myself for who I am. I can’t and will not stop doing that.

Lots of love,

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