Why I only write positive things

I wouldn’t call myself a very positive person. I totally can be and most of the time, I am. Sometimes I can be totally bitchy about anything and everything.

A long time ago though, when I started my blog. I thought about what I wanted to put out there in the world. What I wanted to stand for. What it was, that I believed in. then and there I knew, I don’t want to be negative. I want to enjoy what I do, I want to talk about things that I love. I am manly talking about reviews, in my diary posts I do touch on negative things but again I do always try to end very positive.

I never want to just be mean about a product because what might not work for me, might be your favourite product. Now I do have realised in my journey having straight hair and then suddenly curly hair that products might not work for me a certain way because of how I am. I try to include that in my posts now. I try to give advice and tell you if it didn’t work that amazing why I think it didn’t. Therefor you might be abe to make a good decision.

Besides that, I pay for all the products I talk about myself or they are gifted by friends and family (which I always add in).

I don’t want to be that girl, that is always talking about high end products or how amazing they are and how terrible cheap products are. I find that really unnecessary. It’s also very untrue. I once bought a pair of lashes from a higher end brand and I never tried more awful lashes, I also got a pair of Revlon lashes at poundland and I loved them.

The world is full of negativity already and I never felt the need to add to that. Now, if I am one thing it’s truthful. I have had a couple of times where I had a whole post planed, all the pictures where made everything was ready when I released. I don’t like this product as much as I would like. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone and I wouldn’t buy it again. So I skipped the whole thing. Now things like that are hard because then you need to move everything in your schedule around but I do with pleasure.

I could also put a post-up every day but I wouldn’t like doing that because they wouldn’t be what I want them to be. They are not always as amazing as I want them to be, but I always feel that if I work hard enough. They will be. I came a long way since my first blogpost.

My grammar is still very off most of the time. Especially since chemo brain, it doesn’t mean I don’t try. Because I do. I try really freaking hard. Here is the thing. I want to write about things that make me happy, this is my hobby. I don’t make a cent from doing this job. I don’t mind that what so ever. What I do mind is doing something that makes me unhappy. I want to make others happy and that is why I only write positive reviews.


Lots of love,

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