How to be more positive

If I could describe myself as anything, positive wouldn’t be my first pick. It never has been but the last couple of years I have been a lot more positive. You can argue I was forced to be more positive. The thing is, I like it. So I want to teach you some simple things you can do, to have a more positive outlook on life.

 Wind down
Listen to music, take time for yourself. Give yourself to take time to process the sad things, so you can move on and be more positive.

Think about all the positive things
Now I do that a bit different, most of the times I think ‘at least it’s not this or that’. I try to look at the positives in a bad situation. That might be a little hard so give yourself some time to look at the positives. It might be silly. Let’s say you fall down and you break your leg. You might think ‘well at least it was funny’, or ‘luckily my crush didn’t see me’ or ‘oh I’m glad I didn’t wear that skirt’.

Let go
Some people are simply not very nice friends. It might be your friends holding you back from a positive life. Sometimes it’s something to think about, if you want to stay in touch. Social media can also make you very upset, read more about having a better happier time on the internet, here.

Happy people around you, can make you a very happy person. However, what I have learned is that, being on my own can also make me very happy. Just going to a place I really like, on my own with my earbuds in. Moments like that, I feel so happy which makes me very positive.

Last but not least, let yourself be sad. This might be a little weird but it is truly not. You cannot always be positive, sometimes you need to be sad. You need to cry and scream and let it all out. Only then you can be truly happy.

If you scroll through my Instagram, you can see how I have changed. My first pictures was taken on the day I graduated high school. I took that picture at sixteen, being twenty-one now. I can safely say, I changed. Now change might not always be good but in this case I am pretty sure it is. It is funny that I used to be so insecure about my body but I was very fit in those first pictures. I am not fat now by any means but everything was quite a bit tighter back then. *Sighs* I’ll ge there. I love Instagram and I have since the start. I love photography. It truly is my hobby which is something I have just recently released. But I don’t do it enough. I love it though and it calms me. I can look at something and truly enjoy it as well as take a kick ass photo. Oh and I love writing captions. My Pinterest board is full of them. Check it out, some people seem to enjoy my taste.

My Instagram has given more meaning in my life ever since an awful day in April but more about that later. I love Instagram because it is a portable photo album. I can see a picture and remember when it was taken, how I felt in that period in my life. For example, I haven’t taken many pictures when I lived in England. I was enjoying life to much to care to record it. Which if I am honest is the way to go in life in general. Anyhow if I hadn’t posted the pictures I have, I wouldn’t have so much things to remember. I loved life, to the fullest. Looking at those few pictures my heart fills with love and happiness. I can almost taste it. I feel the happiness I felt then and that for me is worth it.

So April 19th I posted a picture of a smoothie. Nothing much to think about. With a caption saying ‘define healthy’ no one could suspect anything. A year later I did it again, on that exact date. It might be something I will always do. It might not. From that point forward I look different at those pictures. I changed, I had blonde hair all of a sudden. Almost a year later, 24 pictures later (that’s pretty good, good on me). I had another pictures named ‘survivor’. For me my Instagram shows me the time before cancer, during cancer and after cancer which luckily will be the biggest load of pictures. Because I didn’t really like myself I didn’t take many pictures of myself during and after cancer. I am slowly getting there. BUT if I hadn’t had Instagram I wouldn’t be able to see how my hair has grown. And how confidence looks good on me. I enjoy taking pictures, I enjoy life and I use a platform to show it. Not because I want likes, not because I want other to see it. Granted it is cool but I do it for myself because I love it. When I post a picture I just think “would I be alright with my grandmother or my great-granddaughter seeing this” and the answer is always yes.

Instagram is fun and it can be amazing getting likes and comments but I don’t let it rule my life. If I love the picture, I couldn’t care less about what other think. I think that that is a very healthy way to look at life online. And probably life in general as well.


Enjoy life. Lots of love,




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