How to deal with a writer’s block

For a while now I have felt that I had a writer’s block. I have felt a bit uninspired which makes me feel sad. I am not very uninspired as I normally am, I have plenty of ideas but I somehow can’t make myself go and do with.

In a lot of ways, I always have a writer’s block around this time a year. The fact is that I am actually sitting outside with the wind blowing into my hair. And starting at an empty computer screen with a book next to me full of ideas. Which by the way isn’t the reason I haven’t updated.  I sort of forgot to put things in and then I was super busy. No excuses I am back now.

A writer’s block is something a lot of people go through. It’s something I always seem to go through when I have to write an essay which for the most part is even worse. When I finally start, really start. I get into it and it all seems to roll of my fingers. That’s how it’s blogging for me most of the time.  The words in my head just appear on the screen and sometimes it doesn’t. That is very difficult.

Today I want to share with you about a couple of tips how to write trough a writer’s block.

1.Read the assignment
This can help because it can spark an idea. It sometimes happens that a lot of clues are in the assignment which makes the work so much easier

2.Make the outline
Especially when you need to make a presentation. The first thing I do is make the PowerPoint. Built the structure. Write down the things you want to talk about (the titles). Then the things that are associated with that (the bullet points). Copy the bullet points, work them out and your text is done.

3. Answer the questions in the assignment out loud
Sometimes you need to answer questions in story style. And whenever people see this they grown and get upset. Not me. You literally. Answer the question. Write down the questions. Answer them and then remove the questions. Go down to step 5. All done. What I also do sometimes is change the questions to a header format. So if the question would be? “How has school impacted your life?”. You would change that to “the impact of school” make the line bold and all  done.

4. Write down whatever you say.
Sometimes when I have to write an essay about myself or something that has happened to me, I really truly struggle because everything in my heart says I shouldn’t write this or that down. What I do then might be a bit weird but I record my voice. I just start talking into my phone. Whenever I am done I pop my earbuds in and just write down everything I said. Most of the time those essays are my best once. Because I make people feel, exactly what I feel telling the story. It makes your mind flow because we speak much faster than we type. It might be a weird technique but it works for me.

5.Make the text flow better
If you answer question and add some other things, when you remove the questions you need to make the whole thing flow together. So that it reads as a story instead of an interview. Focus on the flow whenever the text is done. Change the order of the answers and make it flow all together. Make sure it makes sense at the end.

6.Write a beginning and the end paragraph
I always write the opening at the end. You know what is in it. You can (in my opinion) write a more heartfelt, mind grabbing beginning at the very end. I know a lot of teachers say this isn’t the way you should do it. And maybe you shouldn’t but if it works it doesn’t matter. No one cares in what order something was written, they care about the finished product.

7.Spell check
When you write don’t go all metal about your spelling. Change it last, let your family look at it. If you focus so much on dotting your I’s you forget to put in the words that matter.

I do this with blogging sometimes too. I write down all vital information about a product, pick out the pictures and then write down my thoughts about it. In doing so I am done much quicker and the final product has a better feel all together. Again no one cares in the order, everyone just cares about the finished product.


Lots of love,

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