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MAKEUP ARTIST ZOE BAG rose golden vol 1 (part 3)

This post will be extremely long because I need to give all the brushes a fair change and information. Therefore, I broke this review up in parts, turns out, it’s five. Final thought and prize break down is all the way below in part 5. I will update all the other parts as soon as possible. Want to read part 1, click here! or part 2, click here!

Today I am continuing with the face brushes.

Applies and blends powder and liquid formulas to perfection. The synthetic duo fibre hair in two different lengths achieves highly professional makeup results in medium to full coverage with an airbrushed, super-natural finish. I have always love a good stippling brush. This brush doesn’t have the bristles close together enough that I would like but because I have brushes that are a bit denser, it doesn’t really bother me. It’s a good brush that works wonderful with liquid foundation.
Single prize: 14,50
Hair: pure synthetic hair

Is a luxurious face brush, made of an exquisite natural-synthetic hair blend. The dome shaped, flat head delivers a contoured, buildable application of powder based products – such as blush, bronzer, highlighter and contour powders – in one sweep. This brush is a very good blush brush that picks up enough product and looks very well, I tent to lean toward the other blush a bit more.
Single prize: 16,50
: natural-synthetic hair blend

Is a professional face brush made of a high-quality natural-synthetic hair blend, especially designed for an easy, buildable application of powder blush. The expertly angled shape perfectly fits the contours of the cheeks, ensuring a flawless and even result without any harsh lines. This blush brush is so soft; all the products are so soft but it’s amazing. I really like this blush brush because it’s angled. I really love angled brushes they are amazing. I honestly don’t know why but I feel it look the best with my bone structure.
Single prize: 14,50
natural-synthetic hair blend

Is a multifunctional tool for a soft-focus, weightless application of highlighter, blush and bronzer. Equipped with a large, flat fan shape and the finest natural-synthetic hair blend, this unique brush applies powder based products delicately soft, diffuses harsh lines and easily removes excess powder fallout. I never was a fan of fan brushes. This one has quit a lot of bristles, therefor I do like to use it. Manly for highlighter becaue I like a soft highlighter.
Single prize: 12.50
natural-synthetic hair blend

Is a flat, arched highlighter brush, which – due to its compact size – is able to set precise highlights on cheeks, chin and forehead. Being handy in size it is easy to stow away and is ideally suited for short touch ups in between. This brush is so nice to take on the go and touch of up your face. Which is what I tend to do.
Single prize: 14,50
Hair: natural-synthetic hair blend

Is the perfect tool for the precise application of highlighter, powder and contouring products. Equipped with the finest natural-synthetic hair blend, the fluffy, flame-shaped brush is also ideally suitable for seamlessly blending eyeshadows for professional, invisible transitions. This product is a very good brush for powder under the eyes and highlighter. Again I don’t wear highlighter that often lately.
Single prize: 10,50
: natural-synthetic hair blend

Is a specialist when it comes to blending cream textures into the skin. Assembled with super-soft, pure synthetic hair, this brush camouflages under eye darkness and conceals discoloration, spots, and blemishes for a flawless and natural-looking makeup. This brush does what it needs to do but it is rather small so I use my 110 more often but it’s still a good brush that I grab regularly.
Single prize: 9,50
pure synthetic hair

Lots of love,

*All my opinions are my own, none of the links in this post are affiliate links. I paid for this product myself

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