What I am doing with my life school wise

For the past year I have been quit silent about my school and what I am actually doing. Because I was in University and everything was fine and then suddenly it wasn’t and school became something I didn’t talk about but here I am opening up and explaining it all.
Our school system works a little different than that of other countries and I can’t properly explain but I found a video that can

The Dutch school system

If the video doesn’t work, click here.

What did I do
I obviously did primary school. Now when I had my secondary education test the test told us that I could go in a HAVO/VWO (senior general secondary education/university preparatory education) class. The teachers however didn’t find this a smart idea. They told me I would be better suited at VMBO (prepatory secondary vocational education). Now my parents and I obviously didn’t know so we trusted the teachers with the idea that they had my best (academic) interest at heart.

So I started prepatory secondary vocational education which has 3 levels. I started in level 2/3 class but quickly went ahead to a level 3 class (which is the highest level) and the level that just has learning from books as supposed to practical learning as well. This was great for me as I never liked the idea of practical learning. The things we needed to do that where something else then books (music, drawing etc.) I never was fully happy. I learn by understanding material and then doing it. Where as that typ of education is made for people that like to do something therefor understanding the material. Having said that, I finished this and went on to the next thing

Senior secondary vocation education (MBO) which is what I call college. This is the place where I did teacher assistant. You also have levels here. Because I did the highest level in high school, I went and did the highest level (in this case 4). This was the school in which I went to England, read about that here. And where I graduated from two years ago now.

Then I went on and started my bachelor at a university of applied sciences (HBO). Where I did applied psychology. Now this university didn’t quit suit me and my needs. Like I said before I am a very theoretical person and that is how I learn. I need a lot of knowledge to get a full picture this helps me understand the details better. They also where quit big on internships and although I loved being an intern at a school. I didn’t love it in this setting. As I felt that I couldn’t properly apply my theoretical knowledge. So after a year I got all my study points which granted me a propedeuse, read about that here.

Then I fell of the planet, for a while. I knew I wanted to get a degree at a research university. Which would suit me and my needs better as well as make the job opportunities a lot better. This idea however was the scariest. I never in a million years thought about university. Besides one summer in England where I visited some universities, I never thought a research university degree was in the cards. Especially because there was an extra math requirement. And me being the person that I am decided to take this head on. Fun fact is that I used to be super bad at math (or I at least that I was).  I went on and did one class (math) at university preparatory education level (VWO) which is the highest high school level there is. I did the first four years of information over the summer (in two weeks) and the last two years in a year. Cramming six years worth of knowledge into a year and two weeks. Well, it was hard and very very difficult however I succeeded. Luckily. (The second time around, read about the first time here) I also got accepted into the university where I really wanted to go.

What I am going to do next school year is starting my Bachelor (WO) at a research university (one of the best in the country).  After finishing this I could do a master or even a PHD. Which I obviously don’t know yet and I am not focusing on. But I could and that is important. This path has opened a lot of doors for me and grants me the opportunity to study what I want and in the future pursue a career in the field that I enjoy. I am obviously going to study psychology, I am really excited, it took a while to get here but this only means that I appreciate the change I got.

So get ready for a whole lot of back to school and UNI updates.

Lots of love,

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