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I want to start with saying the following thing, I NEVER planned anything like this. I actually have stopped planning a whole lot of things all together. Which is something I don’t truly love, I like to plan everything but I haven’t been doing that. It might be stupid of me but I also kind of makes me want to learn to love to enjoy my freedom in not having anything planned. Which like I said is hard.

In a lot of ways. I was planning to be back again here really soon. As in I was going to be back at the start of June but then I wasn’t. Now I want to explain what June was like for me. But at the same time when June started the privacy laws hit and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t understand what was expected of me fully. I got everything sorted out now which is a good thing. If you want to know about your privacy I put a privacy tab on the top bar.

So June, oh June you were incredible, incredibly busy. In a later post I will explain what is going on with school with me. But let’s say I had the most important exam of the year, I had THE exam in the same week as I had a study week to get into university. How amazing is that planning? Simply perfect I tell you.  I hadn’t had a proper school week for almost a full year. So I did that, and then I waited for my results to get back and this was the most terrifying thing, ever. Now we are here today and I am finally got things sorted out and I am also really motivated to start blogging again. I have been writing a bunch of posts that I hope you will enjoy.

 So to draw a beautiful conclusion and put all my rambling thoughts together in a nice bow. I have been gone I was studying and waiting and I had a few outings to my job. I think that it was the best for all of us that I didn’t make myself available to moan about my life. If you did actually miss me/ my posts, you can always follow me on Instagram, where I do (sort of) post regularly. Find me here.

See you wednesday !

Lots of love,

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