Prepping for University

When I started at the university of applied sciences. I got a new laptop. Not because I wanted a new laptop really, but because mine was done for. A laptop can only be used all the time for a couple of years. Mine was three years old. It was the most beautiful Sony VIO it was a pink laptop that I got as a graduation present from my parents. I loved that laptop with my whole heart. Then I needed a new one and I decided upon a MacBook. I had always wanted a MacBook since highschool. At the high school that I attended we had a ton of iMacs and learned to work on them. Back then we still got a bit of money from the government for our studies. Not nearly enough to pay the whole bunch but quite a bit. That being said. I never spend that money on anything except school. Where others would use it for clothes, and food. I simply wasn’t allowed to do anything like that. So I graduated and I got myself as a graduation present from college (graduation is something I do a lot). So this year I finished my math exam which sort of feels like graduation. I wanted to give myself something that I was thinking about for ages and that would truly help me with my academic career. So I got myself a laptop stand. Which I absolutely lovely, because my posture is a lot better when I can look straight at my screen instead of looking down at what I am doing. It is called an Mstand and they have different once, for laptops as well as tablets.

At university there is a lot of reading I have to do as well as a lot of revision, and essay writing. So it is a very good and sensible choice to buy something that will actually help me. Especially because at school itself you can never sit that well. Or that might just be me but still. Now when you have a laptop your keys are attached to the screen and when you raise the screen, you raise the keys. And having to type into the air is actually even worse for your posture. So I also decided to finally bite the bullet and get myself a magic keyboard. I couldn’t be happier. For anyone that cares. I already have the magic mouse because I can’t use the touchpad of a laptop. I never ever have been able to, master it.

I always found that when you buy something that will enhance your academic life. You will feel a lot more inspired to study and to work hard. I have also got my planner/agenda. Which is the happiness planner. Which I really like and made  a small post about which can be read here.

What helps you in your academic success?

lots of love,

*none of the links in this post are affiliate links, I paid for all the products mentioned myself.

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