I have always loved reading. I am not sure if it is something I inherited from my mother or if it is something I was thought. But my brother and I both have the gift to love reading. Now I truly belief that loving to read is an amazing gift. It makes the world become more magical, it makes the world a better and a worse place. It makes the world a bit different, it gives an escape. It provides knowledge. It makes you learn to deal with things and situation you have not yet experienced.

It’s like watching a film or a series but longer. More intense. It doesn’t end when the screen goes black. When the words the end are printed on the last paper. It never actually has to end. When you close your eyes, you can open that world again and anything can happen. Which is also why most people are reluctant to add a new book to a series years later (like the cursed child) they might like me. Have this whole story in their head.

I have for the longest time wanted to write a book but it is pretty difficult because I get sucked into the story too much. I feel it too much. The words come but I can’t let them go, they won’t travel to my fingers the way they should. And then the people, they began to take shape, really weirdly. I could never truly see them. Until I looked for names and suddenly it clicked. I saw her, a girl. The girl of my story I recognised her immediately though I have never seen her, because she isn’t real. I could see clearly though, behind my closed eyelids. And then I released it didn’t matter. If I find the strength to write the story or not. It doesn’t matter much, it’s all there. Right there in my mind. It needs the time to spring to life. To take shape and then the words will come.

I feel this applies to a lot of things in life. You can plan so much in life, which belief me if I could plan (and be content with doing that) every second of my life. I might actually do. But you cannot, because life changes. Your decisions might change, or the decisions of the people around you and as much as we try to think this isn’t the case. They change us, they change our path, because it affects us. It always does. We don’t live a bubble where no one can touch us. We change, by the world around us and our perception of that world.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t change your story. It doesn’t mean you can’t write the story you want. You just have to give yourself the space to see it, to feel it. To become who you are truly meant to be.


Lots of love,

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