Back to school: My pencil case

Today I want to share with you what I bring to school in my pencil case. I love stationary and I own so many pens that I could go years without ever buying a new one and be totally fine.
Anyway, I wanted to share with you what I bring because I see a lot of people bringing ten different highlighters in the exact same pink shade or just bring a pen. I found myself in a happy medium and I can guarantee you that this is a great place to be.
I use this cosmetic bag. I have been using cosmetic bags as a pencil pouch for years. It’s very convenient. Most of the time they are lined, which makes them easy to clean. They are also a bit sturdier and a lot nicer to look at as well. In December I got a set from Zoella (at Superdrug) which is how I came in possession of this beauty. When I saw it, I thought it would be perfect for school. It is grey with white letter. The zipper is pink with rose gold hardwear and the lining is dark grey. It literally has all my favourite colours. It says “All is bright” on it. Which is think is quite cute.
I have two pencils, I got them from Primark two years ago or something. I don’t use pencils all the time. I take them with me because sometimes you need to draw something or make a quick note. When I make plans that aren’t set in stone I try to put it in my planner in pencil because it can easily be rubbed out.

I got this set of five little highlighter. I have them in the big version as well. Which are very skinny but long. I got these babies because I was thinking that they are easy to take but also handy when I want to do some reading or notetaking on a serious level when I am at school. As well as the fact that I use these colours in my agenda for my colour coding. Which I could make a blogpost about.

I have a rubber, a pencil sharpener and little sticky notes if I ever want to put a sticky note in my book and I am not at home.

I got a geo-trianglewhich I use as a ruler. It’s small enough to fit in my pencil case. I got a little scissors because you never know when you need them. And I got some correction tape. I know that tape kind of sucks sometimes which is true but it’s more convenient in the sense that it doesn’t have to dry, the liquid white out does have to dry. As well as the fact that white out is really bad for your lungs. Protect the lungs kids.

Last but not least I got a bunch of pens. The pink one writes pink. All the other write blue. I got two from big, one from Poundland and the two pretty ones are from typo.

I basically take the bare essentials but enough for me to work away from home without me planning to do so
What do you carry in your pencil case?

Lots of love,

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