Comfort zone

If only I could have a lot more hours in a day. I was thinking about that a while ago that if we didn’t need to sleep we would get so much more done. I would have learned another languages and probably do so much stuff that I would still have the same problem as I have today. But then with more balls to juggle. I guess in a lot of ways those are things a lot of people feel like that. You always want to do more when at the same time, you want less to do. That way you can do everything better.

That is however not really what I wanted to talk about. Last Friday I had my first driving lesson. Which was the craziest experience, as far as experiences go. I did really like it. I loved it actually. Driving is the most wonderful and the scariest experience at the same time. I guess this is one of those things where you need to be ready for. I wasn’t ready when I was seventeen. I have been ready for a while now, to take on driving. But I never felt a true passion for something I thought of as that scary. I was doing enough scary. Driving simply wasn’t on top of that list.

I think doing things that are scary is very important. But still you need to be ready. Now it is difficult to know when you are ready I think that you know when you are. But you don’t know that you know until you know. I feel like I am talking nonsense.

I do things that are scary only when and if I feel ready to take something on that is scaring me. It’s good to step out of your comfort zone but there is no need to jump out.


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