You might be sick and tired of my university posts, but I am not. Not yet anyway. The thing is as well that university is such a hot topic in my life at the moment that I sort of feel like there is no time or place for anything else in my brain. So, hello here I am back again with a university related post.

I have just had my first week at Uni. In this country we don’t have freshers where it is just getting to know one another and partying and going out. No, no darling. We have classes and homework as well.

I just had the most wonderful week though. I really like the people I met and I also really liked the classes. Here is the thing. It is in a lot of ways overwhelming.

I have felt so proud of myself for so long for getting into university. It isn’t something you do every day. I have however found myself doubting myself. I guess this is because I haven’t had much time this weekend to work on school. Which is what I am doing when you are reading this.

It’s a stupid thing human do, or maybe just me. Once everything goes right I worry when or If it will go wrong. In a lot of ways, it is very funny. When you have nothing to worry about you worry about the things you might need to worry about in the not even so near future. My mum always helps me with things like this. She always says, that if I doubt myself I need to look at how far I have come. I need to look at everything that goes right. And she always urges me to write a to do list when I feel overwhelmed8. This works for me because it makes me calm. I always know, when it’s done. It’s done.

I guess the end of this overwhelming short but long story is that you have to do whatever makes you not doubt yourself so much. It is okay to take time out of your day just to make a to do list or just talk about the things that bother you. It’s okay to take time off and it’s alright to work hard.

Lots of love,

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