Losing a friend

Friendship is important. Or at least that is what everyone always says. And it it because life is a bit lonely without friends but here is the thing. If someone doesn’t make you happy as a friend you can actually let them go. It is one of those things where people feel like you can’t break up with a friend. Whereas I feel that it is alright to break with a friend.

Now why would you want to break up with a friend you might ask? I belief that people come into your life for a reason. Some might teach you important lessons for example sticking up for yourself or learning that you have your own opinion. Which are all value things to learn. 

Other might be in your life because you need them in that period of your life. In the period that you meet you just click. It just works. You become fast friends and have a great laugh together. You have fun and feel happy.

Because someone made you happy before doesn’t mean being friends with them still makes you happy today. Because they gave you good advice before means they still will today. Because they made you grow doesn’t mean they still grow with you today.

People change and the world changes for people. If you met someone in school and they work now they might actually become a bit different. Which isn’t wrong. It doesn’t mean they aren’t as nice it just means that they don’t work in your life anymore.

Sometimes this goes on its own. Sometimes you just sort of drift apart and don’t talk for a long time which isn’t a bad thing. It is sometimes even a good thing. You both feel that it is the end of the friendship and in that way, we don’t have to say goodbye to someone and makes it feel awkward. Now if this happens and you do release after a bit you miss someone there is nothing wrong with texting them. If they don’t want to meet up you will learn that soon enough. They might want to talk to you too but are also unsure about texting you.

Sometimes it isn’t as easy. Sometimes you need to tell someone you don’t want to be their friend anymore now I find this hard as well. I have a tendency to just be too busy to hang out and let it all go on its own. However, you do it, only let a friendship go when you don’t want to be their friend anymore for you not for anyone else.

In a lot of ways people try to stay friends with everyone forever but people come and go in your life. It’s natural, it isn’t a bad thing. I for one don’t have that many friends but I also don’t want to have a lot of friends. I used to have a whole group of friends but when I was growing up I decided I wanted more indebt relationships with people. I want to be friends with people that I can grow from and with. I think it is important in friendship that a person is honest to you but also kind. Sometimes you have a friend that is too honest and not kind enough. You leave your lunch date feeling more upset than when you went. Which isn’t good. Some friends only want to talk about themselves which isn’t a bad thing if they are going through things but when you are, they are never home. Some friends are good people, they are nice, kind and caring. But still it feels different. Maybe you changed or they did. If you don’t have that friendship connection anymore. It isn’t a bad thing to take a step back and to just go your separate ways.

People come in and out of your life for a reason. And if they truly belong into your life they will always find a way back.


Lots of love,

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