The freshman panic

Starting a new school year, a new semester or even a new course/major is very stressful but it doesn’t have to be. I have changed schools a lot in the last few years and I want to give you some tips I have gathered over the years to make the new academic year a good one.

Read your syllabi
This is by far the most important tip I could ever give you. I print out all my syllabi and go through them. I put my deadlines in my agenda as well as other useful information. When people at school talk about the subjects you will know a bit about it already. It also makes me calm when I know what is expected of me.

Put your timetable in your planner/agenda
You get your timetable the first week or a bit earlier. Put every single class in your agenda because this will make it so much easier to plan things with friends. To know when you can plan a quick holiday. I get my timetable for every semester, which means two terms. Which is super nice because I can make long term plans that way.

Remember that everyone feels the exact same way you do. There is no reason to feel anxious about it all. I know that we all do but I always try to find someone to talk to and then everything will find itself. You don’t have to be friend with your whole class in one day. Just take it one person at the time. And everyone feels the exact same way you do, trust me.

Try to take it all in
Especially the first day will be a lot of new information and a lot of stress because you are in a new building, taking new classes, meeting new people. Just try to relax, take it all in and try to remember the things you are thought.

Last but not least, just breath. In four weeks you won’t remember any better.


Lots of love,


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