meaning: the wish for everything to be perfect.

I am in my heart a perfectionist. I always want to be better than I was before. Not necessarily better than someone else but better than myself. Therefor I am never fully happy or satisfied. I always feel that I can get a better grade, or work a bit harder. I always feel that whatever I do isn’t good enough. In a sense I sometimes do the bare minimum to pass just because it doesn’t hurt then if I get a grade I am not happy with. I am not jealous when someone does it better than me but I do wonder why I can’t archieve that grade.

Here are a few things you need to remember though:
You don’t know how much others study
or in what way they study
You don’t know if the subject comes easily to them (this makes such a difference)
You don’t know how they do
You only know you.

As people we have a very one sighed few. We know our own grade and we know the grade of the people that did well, because they share there grade. I think we should be a bit kinder to ourselves. Because if you pass, you passed and no one is ever going to ask you how well you did in that one exam four years ago. And even if you fail, you can always retake your exam. You need to look at how far you have come and not beat yourself up about one grade you are unhappy about. Even though it is okay to feel upset if a grade wasn’t what you wanted to get.

Remember: you are at school to learn, you are there to learn what to do and how to do it. You can’t do it perfectly because you are still learning. Give yourself the time, the space and the place to expand your knowledge. Good luck.


Lots of love,

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