Adventure Abroad

Should you go abroad?

ALWAYS. That is the answer has been my answer ever since I went abroad myself. I loved going abroad it was the best time I ever spent anywhere. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I have been facing a new opportunity. I could, actually go again.

But this time, I don’t know if I want to. I know shocking right. I have been shocked myself if I am honest. It’s different this time. I don’t know if it’s the best choice. For me, for anyone. I am not seventeen anymore. It’s not, I can’t go just because.. you know? It has to mean something, it has to contribute. It has to be epic and if it’s not. I don’t want to do it. This might sound stupid to someone else but if I am going to a different school, it needs to be better than my own. If I spent hundreds upon hundreds of euros it need to help my education, not hinder it. I don’t know if it can. In the past I have learned that being at a terrible school ain’t fun. I love my school, I didn’t choose that place for nothing. It makes me feel at home, it makes me happy. It thought me invaluable critical thinking skills, academic writing skills that I will bring with me trough life. I was thinking, thinking about all the pros and cons. What helps I guess for met. I already did it, all of it. I did it before so I actually don’t have to do it for the opportunity.

Then I though, when in doubt… Don’t.

Because if you don’t truly want it, if you don’t truly love it. It is going to be such a long time for you. It’s really expensive. So if you don’t feel it in your heart. Don’t. So no I don’t recommend it for everyone, look in your heart and you’ll know.

Lots of love,


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