I keep leaving

I do however always come back. Sometimes it’s hard to blog because I never truly know what I want to talk about. Sometimes I do but then the words somehow never seem to come. Then other times I simply don’t want to post anything. I can not find the peace or the headspace to tell you my thought, my hopes and my dreams.

Silly, that when my head is the most empty. The moment I have the most time. Nothing ever comes out. Most times I just feel a bit silly in general because who on earth is reading this blog? When I look at my analytics I see that a few people actually do. I have a habit of underestimating myself maybe that is it.

I fall in love with blogging about the same amount of times as I fall out of love with it. I used to do all these cool things like showing pictures of my day, Reviews of books so old you probably already seen them a billion times. I used to talk about what I loved never caring how it looked like. I lost that I guess. Or I try and I never find it good enough. Maybe that is my problem forever looking for ‘good enough’. Maybe one day I will find it and I ‘ll never leave again.

Till then, see you.

Lots of love,


(btw; posting this sunday, stay tuned ;).)

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