Highlight your class notes.

Did you know that highlighting notes actually doesn’t mean you perform better at all? It is actually scientifically proven. I do however find that it has value. What that value is exactly is what I will be sharing with you today.

Notes like these are indeed boring.

Class notes like these are a bit dull to look at, besides that it doesn’t inspire me. As well as the fact that it seems really unstructured. Flicking trough a notebook with notes like this nothing actually stands out. What did we cover in this class? I wouldn’t know looking at it like this. You probably wouldn’t either as most of my readers aren’t from the Netherlands. That means even more that you can see the value in what highlighting does to a page without knowing what the words say.

The first thing I do is highlighting every subject. Most of the time the teacher will have a structure to their class. Which means all the slides have a title. Most of the time they will ramble on about the same thing for a few slides. I follow the format given, as it is the easiest to understand. It flows so to speak. The teacher didn’t use it for nothing. So I go trough and highlight these subjects. Giving structure to the page and it makes me able to find things more quickly if I am looking for them.

The next step is a bit odd. So I go trough and for this subject which is stats I colour in equations I want to go over. Then I get another colour and go trough words. I just do what I feel like in this step. Words the teacher underlines. Words that together make a numeration. With this I just do whatever because it really doesn’t matter. It just makes the page come alive. I don’t really think too much of it.

I think that is the key with highlighting, you need to do what feels right. What makes the pages stand out to you, what makes you come alive with the desire to study. And if it’s a coloured pen, making your pages full with pink than that is simply what it takes.

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