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I could give you a hundred scientific articles on how you should study. But I am not going to do that. Because what works the best in general might not work the best for you specifically.

Last year in class I typed all my notes, I passed my year with flying colours. science says however that writing your notes is more beneficial. Fun fact I am actually trying this now. Just seeing where it will lead me as I had some problems with typing my notes which I will get into.

I have also heard from a ton of people that rewriting your notes is stupid. I however almost always do this. Today I want to get into the why. So for now, without a look at the science and just a look at what I do despite it maybe not being the absolute best idea.

It doesn’t matter if I typ or write my notes I only ever write down what the teacher says extra. Nothing more. If it is on the slides it will not be on my paper because most of the time the teacher reads of the slide and while you are busy writing it all down you miss the extra bits, the bits that aren’t anywhere. Then later on I go trough the slides and my notes and write them down, neatly. I can’t handle messy notes. If you can I would just go in with a different pen and complete the notes. This for me helps because I go trough the lecture once again. When I am going trough the slides and read my notes I am right back into class so for me it’s like taking the class twice. This also means that I then never look at the slides again. All that I could gain from it, is in my notes.

I work with a method where the closer I get to the exam date the less stuff I actually want to study of. So that is my method of taking notes. Re-writing might not be the best for you but it works for me. I also don’t copy everything from the slides just things I find important, examples that I need to understand the material. Sometimes I don’t write the examples or just use a word to describe it. I give my brain enough words to remember the example.

With that being said, you have to do what you feel is the right way for you. Because no matter what method if it works for you, you can always get an A.

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