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If you would know me in real life you would know I love making lists. I love being on top of things and knowing what to do, exactly. I make a list for everything, I am organised in a way that could be classified as annoying. Yet it’s still very fluid, which is how I like to do things (get it?). Later more on that topic.

First of all, there are a lot of ways to make a to do list. You can get a pad like seen above. You have them in many shapes and forms. For this ‘technique’ (I put it into parenthesis because it isn’t that ground breaking). You can also use a post it note or a blank piece of paper. When I am really stressed out right before my exams I usually take a blank piece of paper because it doesn’t have a structure therefor I don’t feel the need to prioritise stuff. I also like using a post it because I can just put it in my agenda and take it with me. This pas was 1,50 from Primark, they have a lot of options. This has a magnet on the back so that might be helpful for you. My best tip for you however is to just try multiple ways and so see which one sticks. Which one makes you feel is easiest to use? That one is the system for you.

You then simply write down all the things you have to do. You can do it for the day, for the week. I like to also put things on my to do list that I can easily do or things with friends. Mainly because I don’t take enough time to wind down and relax so this is a great reminder for me. This might not work for you, you should do whatever makes you feel best. If that excludes personal stuff that is totally fine. If you have a hard time with prioritising it might help to just put it all out and then put number in the boxes which one you want to tackle first.

The way you cross off things can be different, it depends on your preference. You can tick the box off, cross it out or highlight it. The latter is my personal favourite. Again do whatever works for you. The power of making a to do list is having everything you have to do in one place. If something is a big assignment it might work for your productivity to break it up in different parts and put those on your to do list. Therefor you can cross things off as you go. It might work to put your to do list next to you, it might work better to look at it every few hours or so instead of minutes. Again try it out and see what works for you.

The thing with planning is trying to find a system that suits you. Finding a system that works for you is the only way the system will work. It’s trail and error but something will stick, just try.

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