A new chapter, changing is one of the hardest things in life. I don’t belief we do what is easy. Because it never really feels like that. We do what is comfortable. No matter how terrible this comfort feels. Changing yourself, you beliefs, behaviours and how we look at the world in general. There isn’t a thing harder.

Sometimes I want something so bad but because I find it hard I sort of freeze and nothing happens. I had to do this exercise at the gym, it was the moment I knew that change doesn’t just happen when you mentally can’t. When you aren’t open to it. Because when I mentally pushed myself I found out that is wasn’t hard for my body, just for my mind.

Standing in a push up position and trying to move my weight to one hand so that I could touch my shoulder was such a hard thing. More mentally than anything else. Nothing could happen I wasn’t that far from the ground. At worst I would break my arm while falling and in reality how big is that chance?

Here is the thing, I did it. I worked hard and I made the change. Which gave me a sense of freedom and strength. People are afraid of change because they are afraid of what is next. There is a good chance that it means things will be worse than they where before. However it is equally likely that it will turn out exactly the way you wanted it to. There is as much of a possibility for life to turn out great as it is for it to turn out awful. Besides that and awful life doesn’t last forever.

Changing is hard especially because most people want to change completely. Over night January first they want to turn into a fitness fantastic, a healthy eater and be someone that never procrastinates. No one can change over night, you need time for your habits to form, for them to stick.

Your brain is built for habit, not for change.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t change your habits, because you can. You just need to be kind to yourself. You need to stick to it and you need to try to not do it all at once. I am also trying to change some habits and learn new ones. Yes, it is a struggle. But this doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

Lots of love,


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