Signs you are doing to much

That post about being the do it all girl really stuck with me. Because I still do too much. No matter how I spin it. The fact that I am writing this at 12 p.m. would be a hint to that. But really it isn’t. It never is.

Sipping my coffee, telling myself it is alright because it is decaf. Trying to write blog posts and never finding the right words. Here is the thing. I read academic papers frequently and I am also trying to write academically. When I am blogging the last thing I want is to write smart. But next thing I know I can hardly form sentences. So then what are the signs you are too busy?

  • You don’t have/make time for your family
  • Or your friends
  • You don’t make time for things you like to do (like watching a film/read a book)
  • You are simply tired
  • You chose work over sleep
  • You feel as if you can’t do it all.
  • Your window of focus seems to get smaller
  • You can’t get anything done
  • Or you feel as if that is the case
  • You can’t remember the last time you said ‘n

You might have established that you are too busy, that you are doing way to much. The things now is, what to do? Well I find that penciling in time to relax is so good. Taking time to say alright I will wake up at this time, good to bed at that time. I will go to the movies on Thursday. Simple things like that. I also want to try to block of time to study more, so for example just write down that you will study from 1 to 3 on Wednesday. You do that and you are done. You did your homework for that day. I read that it helps so I am eager to try. I don’t have all the answer but I do know how it feels and maybe that is enough to write about..

Lots of love,


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