A Christmas prince 1,2 and 3 (2017;2018;2019)

When I watch a film, I always think ‘gosh I should watch more films’. But I hardly ever do. However I had this challenge with mum to watch a Christmas film each day. So I finally bit the bullet and watched the Christmas prince. I love watching Christmas movies when I was living in England I watched one every day after halloween. The problem with Christmas films is how easy it is to predict what will happen. Now I love predicting things as much as the next girl, but being right all the time gets a bit dull over time. With that being said here is my review of ‘ A Christmas prince’, ‘a Christmas prince: the royal wedding’, and ‘a Christmas prince: royal baby’. On this fine Christmas day you have all the time in the world when you want to escape from your family to put on Netflix and escape to a country that doesn’t exist.

Sometimes I wonder if Americans think this is the way Royal families are run in Europe? I always find it very creative that all the counties always sound similar and that the people in those countries are speaking British-English. I understand that it wouldn’t be a fun to watch a film if you can not understand half the people most of the time but still.

A Christmas prince
I have been putting off watching this movie since it came out, I thought I might not like it. Everyone was also chatting about it and I wasn’t ready to form me own, honest opinion. Until now.. I think Amber is a really nice character and I also feel that she has had a lot of luck in her quest to find out the truth. Besides that thinking about it now. It might be so predictable because they use a lot of ideas from other films. Now films always follow some sort of concept. Nothing is original now a days. But I did really like this film. I was rooting for them while also knowing everything would be alright in the end. The ending would have been really great I suppose but I saw it coming so that was a bit disappointing. I also didn’t understand why Amber felt she couldn’t truly reach Richard as it was apparent from there third contact that she was a gonner. I liked the film, it was an easy film that makes you smile. It’s easy to follow and gets you into the Christmas spirit without trying to hard.

The royal wedding
I think our good friend Amber broke protocol the whole engagement which I find a bit strange. I must say I didn’t really like this one as much as the last one. I liked Simon in this one, it was a bit confusing but also very redeeming. I can appreciate that in a film. I didn’t love either dress. I also find it weird that the king has no ability to check his own finances and that he trust people around him so much apart from his wife. I also felt the love story a bit rushed, the whole I love you the most in the entire world I so cute and wonderful. But they dated for three days, got engaged while being in a long distance relationship. I might be a bit bitter, I am not sure but I didn’t like it that much. I also really wonder why they don’t do bodyguards in their country. They might be understaffed but still. You would also think their advisory board would have smart people in their mids but I guess not. It might be a me problem that I expect something a bit more true to real life , but again if they would do that. It would be pretty boring. Overal I did like it, it was enjoyable. I especially liked the ending.

Royal baby
I love good endings, I love endings. I especially love not knowing the end. Having said that, I truly felt they made up the conflict just to have a conflict. They also made the people seem really weird. The relationship between Melissa and Simon for example. She didn’t trust him and then she did. While nothing truly changed. Having said that, it was enjoyable. I wonder why Amber doesn’t check in with her friends more often as she was surprised by things I wasn’t surprised about. This film was like clue but more dull. And I truly do not like clue. Having said that, it was enjoyable and a nice ending to this trilogy,

I really liked the first one and would truly recommend watching it on Netflix. You can skip the other two or watch it when you have nothing better to do. I hope that Netflix comes out with a different story next year, as the Christmas prince series can stay all the way in Aldovia as far as I am concerned. I hope you didn’t think my review was to critical.

A very merry Christmas from me to you.

Lots of love,

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