How to be happy and content as a single girl

I truly in the deepest parts of my soul belief that you should always love yourself first. I have had multiple conversations with other people about this. Because it is such a great thing to hear opposing views. To change or strengthen your views. You need to be passionate about what you belief in, there is no place for being half hearted about it. I have been single for a LONG time. it might be a bit longer than I wanted but that is the thing. Life doesn’t give you things because you want them. You need to go out to find what you have been looking for.

You need to be proud of yourself, you need to be able to give yourself a compliment. You need to know that you are amazing because it is much easier to like someone else if you like yourself. There is nothing wrong with you or the person you will eventually meet. It might not be your time yet. You two might not be good for each other right now. You shouldn’t compare your life path to that of someone else.

Get out of your comfort zone. I am the worst at this. I don’t go out on dates, I don’t explore and I don’t open up my heart to anyone. You can’t run trough life with your eyes closed and then being upset that you are still single. You at least to put in a bit of effort. I am not staying that you should go out with everyone or that you should throw yourself at every boy you meet. But you have to get out, You sure won’t meet anyone in your bedroom. It doesn’t matter how amazing your netflix account is, or your spotify playlist. It won’t get you what you want in the long run.

I am sometimes a bit upset about the fact that I don’t have anyone to cuddle, to annoy into oblivion. To laugh with, to go on a stroll with. But. I am not jealous of my friends. I might desire to have a love similar to the one they are experiencing but I don’t want their love. I want my own that fits me and my personality.

Live, with intention. Get to know yourself, what do you want out of life? What makes you happy? What do you want to accomplish? Become the best version of yourself, workout, put money aside to make a lot of travels. Snap pictures of all that you love. Learn who you are, what you stand for. Love that person. Make plans, dream. Because there is nothing worse than waiting for something you won’t know will come.

There is nothing wrong with you, you’ll be fine. The last thing I want to stress is that you should never settle. Settling is something that will not ever make you happy.  You are good enough to find someone that fits you. That is meant for you. That person will be worth the wait, whoever he/she is. Find out what makes you full one hundred percent you. Put yourself out there and belief, trust that life will come your way. And when he/she steps into you life it will take just a little while to forget life without them. Just remember now, you are worth love. Give it to yourself.

Lots of love,

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