In the past I have talked about letting people go. Sometimes saying goodbye to a friend is the best thing you can do for your mind, your soul. Sometimes you need to put yourself first. There is however another side to that coin. The other side is reconnecting. Which can equally be great as terrifying.

With some people you shouldn’t reconnect with ever. With others it somehow never works out. But with others, it just fits. Sometimes you have some in your life which you really connect with. Then you drift apart for a season not because you really wanted to but because you and that person where at different points in your life. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s also not wrong to think about someone or to miss someone. There was a reason you and someone became friends. It might be because there wasn’t anyone else but maybe you and that person just work. It doesn’t matter what your reason to reconnect is. When you feel like you should, just do it.

I had this with a friend from high school. We were so close and we went trough so much. Somehow we lost touch and one day I just texted her. And she texted back and there we where laughing at a cafe. Sitting across from each other and catching up on life. There isn’t anything wrong with trying to reconnect with someone. There isn’t anything wrong with reaching out.

One of the most important things what I have learned is that a ton of people thing ‘no one is waiting for my text, everyone is busy having fun’. Therefor we are all stuck in our housed moping and watching Netflix because we are afraid to come across as boring. While we think others are having fun, no one is. There is nothing wrong with reaching out, with reconnecting. I love if someone text me when they think about me. You also don’t have to meet perse. Just saying: Hi, I was just thinking about you, are you alright? is more than enough. Then you will see for yourself if they don’t care about you they will not text back with a lot enthusiasm. This is also okay, not everyone wants to reconnect but then you know. Then you never have to wonder what if..

Lots of love,


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