Personally I have  a hard time relaxing and allowing myself to do absolutely nothing. This might be me being the perfectionist that I am. It might possible be my surroundings. I attend University. Like I said before University and applied universities are separate in my country. Therefor the amount of students going to University isn’t that big in the population. This doesn’t feel that way when you are actually attending school but this does mean you are in an environment with students striving to be their best possible selves.

The problem with not relaxing is beautifully put by no other than my mum. She said “If you never relax, you never give your brain the space and the peace to go trough what you go through. Therefor filling it up. Which makes you less able to succeed on the level you want”. Right she said it a bit different but this is what I got from it. Which that is so true. 

If you would use an analogy of a muscle. Let’s say you work out a muscle all the time. You work it to bits everyday but never give it a rest. Never put op a rest day. Imagine that this isn’t you but someone else. You would tell them to give themselves a break wouldn’t you?

Now I am not saying your brain is a muscle, especially because there is always activity in the brains of healthy people. But this does mean that you shouldn’t try to fill it beyond it’s limits. You should try to work at it, to work hard but to also know when you need to give yourself a break. 

I have a hard time with this so I look at the people in my life to help me. Having someone else tell me. No you really don’t have to finish this today, helps. It might sound silly but I do feel that it helps me relax more if someone else agrees that I can put my work down. I am also notecing that it’s easy to do myself now. 

I try to blok my time for studying which also helps. But when I am really tired and I can’t fulfil my wishes I do notice that It’s hard on me. This is however something I think I have to learn. You can only help yourself so much.

With this the important lesson is: practice makes perfect

Lots of love,


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