What working out for over six months thought me

Alright, the title isn’t fair because I trained with a trainer for those seven months. I said over six months because six sounds better than seven. I still wanted to tell you my thoughts and opinions about working out twice a week for a extended period of time. You might find six months not that long and I have also worked out much longer than that in the past but it was different this time because I really tracked my progression I love working out in general and especially with a trainer.

Working out is awkward
It might be me just me but I highly doubt it. I used to feel so awkward. The sweating, the breathing the body in uncomfortable positions. But working out while someone is watching that is doing absolutely nothing. It helped me. it made me release that it’s alright to feel awkward but there is also no reason to. If it wasn’t awkward, if it wasn’t hard everyone would do it.

Getting stronger
There isn’t anything more cool than lifting an amount of weight that you didn’t know you could lift before. Or even something like holding yourself up in a plank position for a long time. Working so hard that your minds wants to quit but you push trough. On pure will, pushing out another set of reps.

It’s not about the scale
For a while now I have been stagnant on my weight on my scale. Therefor I felt very bad about my body for a long time. This is one of the things I really want to work on in the future by eating more healthy and being more conscious of what I put into my body. I have worked out for a long time but I haven’t moved on the scale whatsoever (only when I change my diet). I have however lost about one sometimes two clothing sizes which means I weight the same but there is less of me. I think that this also was a big eyeopener for me.

Health and happiness
Happiness and health go hand in hand. When you move your body you feel better. Maybe not right in this second but it will when you are being busy or when you are done. I find that this is different for everyone. Some people love the end while others adore the journey. I suppose this is your special way to look at the world. I love feeling strong and expanding my abilities.

Giving your mind a break.
Apparently an mindful brain is a happy brain. I rarely give my mind a rest. Give myself a break to just do nothing. To just be. I find this peace, I find a connection with my body at the gym. Where I work so hard that my mind can finally relax.

I love working out, I think it is important to find a typ of workout that works for you and that you love to do. Working out when you don’t feel like it, or when you don’t like it is hard. Especially because then it takes a lot of cognitive ability where this is what you shouldn’t want in the gym. When you put up a mental block, it is so much harder to just push yourself. To go, to shine and to become who you always wanted to be.

Lots of love,

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