My thought on “I am a killer”

Season two of I am a killer is out, this show is the only one I can truly binge watch. I am not sure if I actually touched on this before. But I truly don’t like watching tv. When I do it’s a film and it’s on for background noise. I always feel that it takes forever to come to the point. I am not a big fan of b-roll. Besides that I find that people always talk so slow. I watch youtube on two times the speed. I also do this when I listen to audiobooks. I simply don’t want to waste my time and when I am watching something like that I always notice how much time is wasted.

The only exception is “I am a killer” it was one of the first things I ever watched on Netflix because when I started, I couldn’t stop. This might be my love for psychology and it wouldn’t suprise me if it was. But I find people so interesting.

Every episode starts off with the people telling their stories. Then we have a bit where their friends/family tell what they think. Then my favourite part the opposing view the family of the victim, the prosecutor etc. It’s really good because this makes you able to put the story in a different light. It makes you think as there are three version of a story, both parties and the truth and this series doesn’t try to push you either way, it simply makes you think. Sometimes you feel for the person that is incarcerated, sometimes you really don’t. I find it very interesting. I also like the fact that they sometimes put jurors in as well, it’s interesting to see how they came to a decision to end someones life. We do not have jury duty (nor a jury in general) and it’s so interesting to me that ‘common people’ decide on such important decisions. But maybe it’s better when it’s regular people. I don’t know as I never looked properly into it but it is none the less interesting.

I really enjoy the fact that this season also contains woman as they kill people for different reasons. It also makes you think about the nature vs nurture debate. I find this series a very interesting thing to think about. Due to this reason I highly recommend this series.

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