Old photos are an amazing way to look back at things that happend years ago. Last week I was looking at pictures from when I was in highschool where I graduated from in 2013 so quit a few year ago

I have noticed that a lot of people have been looking at old pictures and it is sometimes really double. I was really good friends with a girl in high school and then we drifted apart due to nothing else but a big misunderstanding. We made up right before we graduated but as me and my best friend really put the past behind us. She truly couldn’t which you know isn’t surprising as that is really difficult to do. But it did hurt us a ton back then and maybe in a way it still does. Looking back at old photo’s is therefor always a bit hard for me. As I really did love her as a friends and those pictures they tell all the stories. Whenever I see a picture I have such a clear memory of what I did back then. Which is very fun. I was laughing so hard at pictures made when I was 12/13 I think everyone is awkward in that time period. I have been sending a ton of pictures to the people that are in them and we have been chatting about all the memories attached to them. I think this is a beautiful way to connect to someone.

It is also important to look at the bright sight of thing. For example with that one girl. I hope she is alright, I am happy I was her friend. I am happy we did so many fun things together. I am glad I still speak to the girl that was my best friend in high school. I feel blessed to have had so many amazing people in my life. I really truly did love high school, we had a ton of fun and I am glad all these people that I don’t speak to anymore are in my memories. Forever being friends. I think that this is the most beautiful thing about memories. The people change but the memories never do.

It is different with time passing, as I finished high school roughly seven years ago I can say it changes. It gets better. At first you still talk to a ton of people. After a while it’s less people but your bond gets deeper. You don’t have to see each other everyday. This is the moment you basically tell people hey your great I wanna be your friend for real. While you lose contact with some, you regain contact with other. You will see such growth in yourself and in others. We were kids when we left high school, we were fresh faced sixteen year old. We are proper adults now. Doing adult things. Some work some are still in school. But we’ve come a long way. All the way back to the top of those steps. Did we ever imagine this? I sure didn’t but I am happy with memories.

We sure did have fun.

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