Apple triangle/envelope

As you know if you followed my blog for a while is that I love cooking and baking. I also belief I am in fact good at it. Not to brag or anything but it’s a way for me to channel my creativity. Today I have this beautiful recipe for you being apple triangle/envelopes you can however put any fruit in here that you like. I have done banana and apple, apple and pear, apple, banana and pear and I can’t help but think that cherries would be absolutely gorgeous with this too. Or maybe even peaches. That being said there is a lot of variations but how to do it, is the most important part.

What do you need ?

  • Pasty, as many squares as treats you want.
  • Sugar, brown or white whichever floats your fancy
  • An apple preferable a green one
  • raisins, as maybe as you want
  • a bowl
  • an oven
  • a baking tray

What do you need to do?

  • Get your pastry out of the freezer
  • Cut your apple in small pieces
  • Put them in a bowl
  • Add the raisins
  • Add the sugar
  • Mix it well
  • Add the mixture onto your pastry
  • put one point to the other making a triangle shape
  • Put a bit of water on top
  • sprinkle some sugar on top
  • Put it in the oven until it’s golden (about 20 minutes on 180 degrees)

What else you need to know

  • Instead of water you can put egg on top (most recipes do this). I don’t because you waste a lot of the egg and it doesn’t add anything
  • The ‘stuffing’ is the same as the apple pie I wrote about on the blog so if you have leftovers you can totally make this
  • You can also make your own pasty, if you do this the whole recipe can be vegan.
  • You can eat them just out of the oven or leave them for a bit the latter makes them a bit more crispy
  • You can serve them like this or with wiped cream and vanilla ice cream.
  • The original recipes call for cinnamon now I do add some cinnamon on top but not in the mixture. Because my dad is severely allergic to cinnamon so we tent to avoid using cinnamon based products in our oven as much as humanly possible. If you sprinkle some on top when they are still warm it’s still really good.
  • I use cinnamon, a cinnamon based cookie mixture or cardamom which is a beautiful substitute for cinnamon but use this sparingly as it has a very strong taste to it.
  • If you want to read more recipes check this link out

Happy baking !

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