My opinion on Tiger King

After the persistence of memes as well as the ‘you might want to watch this’ tab on Netflix. I decided to check ‘tiger king’ out and I am here today to tell you about it. I watched the whole things in about 24 hours, I started at night and finished it the next day. It is supposed to be a documentary show. I like documentaries. I think they are very interesting and they give you information about a certain topic. They are also very biased most of the time. I have found that most documentaries on Netflix are like this having said that Tiger King is obviously no exception. I do not think it’s therefor a documentary perse but nevertheless I watched it.

There are 5800 animals that are protected under the law in the whole world. This means you cannot have these animals as a pet as they need to be protected from extinction. Having them as a pet won’t help this cause. Now every country had their own rules and regulation. For example in the Netherlands you are not allowed to have tigers (I am pretty sure you a not allowed to have any big cat) and monkey’s for example. This doesn’t mean people don’t have them. I once visited a pet shop in Germany where you could buy all sorts of animals (they have really cute baby chicks) but also monkey’s. This made me feel a bit weird as I have never seen a monkey expect in the zoo. The thing is in Europe you can go across the border without anyone checking what you are taking with you. In theory you could buy a monkey in another country in Europe and bring it here. Which is illegal but sadly people do illegal things.

Talking about zoo’s the fact that they have tiger zoo’s in America is already very weird to me personally. As I think that big cats need a lot of land to roam and to run. I do understand that tigers that are brought up in captivity couldn’t stand a chance in the wild. But they have sanctuaries and such for tigers in their natural habitat. Where there is a lot of land for these animals to run and be free. In this country we have a place for dolphins where dolphins are kept and taken care for when they become injured or sick. They do plan to always put them back out in the wild. This obviously isn’t always possible so they do keep some that wouldn’t make it into the wild. I don’t have a big problem with this as I do belief that we should take care of the animals we made like this. We need to protect them and give as much of a good life as we can. I do belief this should be in the hands of professionals and that animals shouldn’t be kept in cages on someones property. It’s dangerous and not necessary. We have zoo’s and some zoo’s have dangerous animals but they are being cared for by people that know what they do and there are rules and regulations for the animals as well as the care givers. I think it’s important that you have these rules.

I have seen a lot of stuff about the owners of such parks, I don’t want to get into that today. I want to get into what you as a person can do. And one of those things is not visit. People say it’s wrong to breed these animals which I find true but they also like to take a picture with the babies. Which you shouldn’t do. If no one wanted a picture or a play date with the baby tigers the owners wouldn’t see a reason to breed them. If you have a zoo and no one goes there. There is no reason for you to have a zoo. I think animal welfare is really important. I also belief that showing people these cute tigers will make them go out and buy a tiger making it very dangerous and this also increases breeding. Baby tigers do look very cute but they are very dangerous and little cats grow up to be massive.

I think this show can definitely open up a discussion on how we should treat the animals of the world and what we can do to make their lives better.

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