There are a lot of terrible teachers out there. I am actually a qualified teachers assistent (After all these years this is still weird, but alright). I have been in education for forever and I have therefor had a lot of teachers. I also know people that work in schools or pursuit becoming a teacher and are one today. For some I am so happy and they will do amazing things with the children that are blessed to have them as a teacher. For others, not so much. Some people you just know you wouldn’t want your child to ever come in contact with (luckily these people are few and far between, yet still they exist). This worries me, I never became a teacher for a number of reasons but horrible teachers just shouldn’t be allowed. I have had my fare share of terrible teachers today I want to tell you one of these stories.

I am sure I wrote about it before but I can’t seem to find it as well as the fact that I remember it in passing so many times that I found it was in need of a full post on it’s own. In my life I have had a lot of teacher’s tell me I wasn’t smart. Which turns out to be a bit, well dumb. They never saw my potential, which is especially funny because I have always been a regular student. The things is that this teacher. She did see how well I did, she said herself I was in the top x% of the class (I remember 5 but could have been 10. I don’t talk about grades so I wouldn’t know).

She had asked me if I wanted to go to a research university. Which up until that point I hadn’t thought about because you needed to be able to pass a math test and I am not really good. So I told her I hadn’t really thought about it as I didn’t think my grades where so spectacular for me to consider it. Then she told em the fact stated above. If I am honest now I did well but I didn’t pay much attention to my average because there where other things on my mind. Having said that I really disliked that school. I disliked the people (sorry folks), I disliked the material as there was always something missing and none of the field you could chose where something that lit a fire in me.

She proceeded to tell me that I was a people’s person and that an applied course would be more beneficial for me. Which I thought was a bit crazy as she went to university and she worked with people as she was a teacher (?) but alright then. She asked me if I wanted to do research or work with people. This is honestly unfair because it isn’t said that if you work with people you can’t do research or visa versa. It’s also funny that not a lot of people actually pursue an academic career after University. Most people work in the work field. An academic background will however help you immensely. Because when you can read academic papers you can have the newest information right at your fingertips to help your clients the best way science knows today.

I told her I didn’t know as I had never done research. She didn’t like this as we had ‘research subjects’. But knowing what research is now. I stand with my first statement that I hadn’t done research. Which that is fine, you don’t have to know or have done research to be successful. As I said before however there was always something not quit there. I knew there was information out in the world but I didn’t really know how to truly get it. As the most important part of reading science is knowing what is good and what is not.

Fast forward a three years, I love what I do now. Going to a research university was one of the best decions of my life. I adore my course and I now know without a doubt how and where to get good information. I get challenged, I can disagree. I can learn and feel that there are thigns out there that I can just find. Years later, I still think about that question

Are you more a people person or a research person. Because I think you are a people person and you belong here.

I now know the answer to this question. I am both. Because they can exist next to each other at my University. i am someone that can help people with the science we know, I want to have the opportunity to add to that knowledge, to expand it. I could have never done that there. I could have only done that because I listened to myself and to my heart. I belief that you better that anyone know if you are in the right place for you. I wasn’t and that’s fine. Sometimes the opinion of others are important. For your future, they are not.

With hard work and determination find your fire, to try. Because if you never try, you will never know. I am so happy, so blessed to be where I am. Find your fire, it’s never to late if you belief in your own ability.

Lots of love,


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