Midnight sun – Stephenie Meyer

So, I preordered this book and when it came it started to read it right away it took me roughly a week to read. Not because it would take me that amount to read the amount of words in the book. I read quit fast so I think I I think I can read it in a day or two but it took me a while because I didn’t want it to end. For reference the book is 56 pages longer than breaking dawn (which was until now the longest book). I wanted to soak the story in. I wanted to really understand the nuances, really have a peak behind it scene. I always liked twilight, I never thought Bella to be a ‘mary sue’ with no personality. A mary sue for those of you that don’t know is the name of a character to ‘perfect’, that they are unrelatable. I got this information here. I don’t like calling any character a ‘mary sue’, a character from a book shouldn’t always be relatable for you to enjoy their story. I think this is a silly thing people that don’t really read books for the fun of it have in their heads. You can appreciate a character while you do not agree with who they are or any of their choices. You should try to see the story from their eyes not merely your own. Having said that there is nothing wrong with being a ‘normal’ girl as I shared in this blog post.

What is the story about

The back of the book reads the following. When Edward Cullen and Bella Swan met in Twilight, an iconic love story was born. “…” the unforgettable tale, as told through Edward’s eyes, take son a new and decidedly dark twist. Meeting Bella is both the most unnerving and intriguing event he has experience in all his years as a vampire. As we learn more fascinating details about Edwards’s past and the complexity of his inner thoughts, we understand why this is the defending struggle of his life. How can he justify following his heart if it means leading Bella into danger.

*Warning, spoilers from here on out.*

My thoughts

None of the books where ever my favourite as in I couldn’t chose. Usually one of them jumps out to me. I can be something small but for Twilight. Not one of them ever did. I liked them equally. I always loved Eclips as it had a lot of back story which I enjoyed. Although it always felt that there was more that the characters weren’t ready to share. I enjoyed breaking dawn but not the Jacob parts as well as the fact that it was horrific to read how Bella wasn’t looking forward to her wedding that much. I really liked Edward and Bella together and loved the wedding especially in the film. It did not disappoint. I also think that part one of breaking dawn is my favourite because it’s so ‘normal’. I love the aesthetic of that movie as well. Having said all that, this is it. This book is my absolute favourite, without a doubt this is one that I will enjoy to re-read. Would 12/13 year old me agree? Maybe, probably I can’t be sure. But I adore it. This is exactly the information I always wondered about. It gives such an inside into why Edward did and said certain things. How their relationship progressed how they both never fully understand how much they love each other. How she changed him, how it was her and his love for her that made him stop draining her body of blood. This story shows not only their story but also how it came about. How difficult it was for him to actually not kill her. How much it took out of him. How Edward wanted nothing more than be a great person for her. It also shows Bella as the character she always was, messy, kind and above all brave. I love the story because it is what I know with a new and interesting twist I suppose I really enjoy stories like that where I sort of know how it will go but not what exactly happens. It was intriguing to read that at the end he was going to leave either way. That he wanted to wait for her to become better which she was because she did not see it coming at all. The fact that he somewhat knew how it would be like for her but that he stil hoped. That he chose her above himself every time. He hoped for her to have a (in his opinion) better life. That at least is admirable. They both feel so strongly about each other but they are never fully on the same line, they never truly understand each other. I rewatched the films and I see now even more than before how well Robert Pattinson had on the role as it’s just really ‘strange’ and ‘weird’ in a lot of cases but beneath that it’s a simple romance story. There is so much more about the story and about the other books I wish to know. I think that is something only few writers can do. I have waited for this book for ten years and I would gladly wait another ten for a story just this grand. I really enjoyed this book and I whole heartedly recommend it if you liked the original or if you never found yourself drawn to it that much. There is no denying that this book is much deeper and even though I enjoyed Bella’s inner monologue. Edward’s story is simply fascinating.

A bit about Rosalie

For the longest time I have enjoyed Rosalie as a character. I really loved her in Eclips as we saw a glimpse of her past. However I couldn’t quit place her in Breaking Dawn, I never fully understood. (This wasn’t the case in the films but I remember in the book I always struggled with her character. This book made me understand so much more of her character (as in her as a person). Of all of them obviously but her especially. As her story and sorrow was/is a major factor in why Edward truly couldn’t change Bella. He knew how hurt Rosalie was, how much she resented being what she was. How much she wanted to be ‘normal’. Being in someones head like this and then not knowing how Bella felt. Even for his own gain. Even if Bella felt a tiny fraction of what Rosalie felt. He could never do that to her. And that is really admirable. I never saw it this way before, not truly. I never knew why he wanted her to be human so bad especially through Bella’s lens. I never doubted his love for Bella but it was this love that made him adamant to not ever change her. Rosalie, eventually got everything she wanted (as an extra mum to Renesmee so to speak). And I hope for her sake as well as the rest that she is finally fully happy in their fictional world. It’s funny as I always liked to know how it would go on but knowing how it went down might have been more exciting.

Some final thoughts

I really liked the pomegranate seeds reference, you can learn a bit more about that part of the greek mythology here. I love the cover art, it’s amazing but I always really like how Stephenie Meyer can incorporate the cover art in some sense or the titles in her story. It makes you feel privy to something, as if you are truly peeking into people’s life which of course we are not. I have always like references like this, just as the bible reference in Twilight. I personally belief that this is what makes the story unique but also feel familiar. Having said all that a pomegranate is really photogenic, I mean, who knew?

The dedication in the front of the book is so beautiful it left me with tears in my eyes. I had to share this as this story silly for some as it may be. Is one close to my heart.

“This book is dedicated to all the readers who have been such a happy part of my life for the last fifteen years. When we first met, many of you where young teenagers with bright, beautiful eyes full of dreams for the future. I hope that in the year that have passes, you’ve all found your dreams and that the reality of them was even better than you’d hoped”

Stephenie Meyer, 2020

I want to grab this opportunity to thank Stephenie Meyer for this wonderful book series. Although she will probably never see this. I strongly belief putting good vibes out into the world and I loved this series when I first read it ten year ago. I love English as a languages and it’s a big part of who I am. I might not be who I am today without these books.I really enjoyed this series and this book really brought all that back for me. Besides that I thought myself English by reading these books. English is such a big part of my life now so I can’t thank her enough for making a story so wonderful that my thirteen year old self wanted to understand it. A friend and I had endless discussions about it books and we saw all the films together in a marathon. I am so happy this book came out and I can’t wait to re-read it again.

Lots of love, Melissa

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