Six years and triving

“Welcome to my little corner on the internet”

This is how I started my blog six year ago. I was blogging on blogspot then and just started it, out of the blue. I wanted a blog since I was twelve (yes truly) and have now been doing this since I was sixteen. And boy what a time we have had. People that start a blog always say the same things. I love writing and I always wanted to start a blog. I am no exception. Except maybe that my biggest dream was writing a book since I was a very little girl. I even won a prize for a story I wrote when I was eleven. I love my little piece of the internet for so many reasons which I will get into in a few.

I decided to write this post before I found out it was on an upload day. So here we are on this day of all days. Six years ago I was sitting in my little room debating with myself and then.. I signed up. I haven’t looked back since. Today is our anniversary (and I love anniversaries) we are going back in history and looking at my/our journey. How we went from that decision to today.

You might have been with me ever since I was in school to become a teachers assistent. The moment you are reading this I am in the last year of my Bachelor of Science at a research University. What a journey it has been. I honestly would tear up if I had to say this out loud. If I could tell my academic journey to my sixteen year old self, I wouldn’t belief a word of it. It took a lot of tears, a lot of hours and most importantly a lot of doubt. I touched on this before but I never saw myself at University until I was there. That feeling I had and still have walking down those halls, it’s the feeling of beloning. Of finding a place that fits and that challenges you. I had until then never had that before. When I was sixteen writing that very first blog post I really didn’t imagine my life being the way it is today. I never truly thought about University because people always told me I wasn’t smart enough. I never thought I would still be studying today, but as I love it it couldn’t have turned out better. Even when people didn’t tell me I wasn’t smart enough, they sure made me feel it. Yet, here I am. I have grown so much. Met so many fantastic people. I truly became a woman that my twelve year old self would be so very proud of. She would love the fact that I have some makeup skills and that there is a thing called instagram. She would ask me where the videos are though, oh how I a glad I wasn’t online like this when I was twelve.

Oh and how embarrassing some old blog post are.. But seeing how much I have grown. How I became a confident woman. No one is ever taking that from me. I love where I am today, I can’t wait to see where I am going. A lot of old blogposts where deleted when I went to my new platform but some are still here, for you all to read… It’s fun in a way, it’s growth.

When I write it is as if the whole world disappears. When the words flow from my fingers right down on the paper or on the keyboard. When my brain doesn’t think about what it wants to say but when it’s just there. When I get into the zone and I think in the language that I am writing in. When the story I want to tell come alive. This might be a reason why I have a hard time adding pictures to my blog with myself in them. Not because I don’t want to show my face I mean I have a instagram, which is nothing more but a way to show how fun your life is. Even if it isn’t true. I love who I am when I write. It’s different. Some people might think that things I write about are a bit vain and stupid but for me it’s letting my words speak for themselves. Writing is like seeing, the world changes around you but your eyes remain somewhat the same. In writing it’s like that, your reference point even though it can develop it never changes that much because growth doesn’t happen overnight.

Some people might find it a bit stupid to write a blog about what you love to eat, watch and do. I find it therapeutic. I think it’s like a diary in a sense, it’s a way to show the world that hey I like this book too. When I first started out I wrote a lot about films and makeup now most of my film posts are still up but the makeup isn’t. I for example wrote a lot about lipsticks. I really didn’t have a lot to add in terms of what I thought and I still feel like that but these posts do so well on my blog that I do think I should try to chat about it a bit more because apparently you guys do care about my opinion. It’s funny in a way because even though I do enjoy make-up still over the years it has gotten a different place in my life than it had before. Still, I wear it and I have things to say. I have been writing a lot about films and books because that is what I have been consuming over the summer. As someone that has been blogging for years I feel in a sense that no one even reads her. This can not be true as I have seen my analytics. I am however not so bothered. I write about what I like and what I enjoy. However I know that you are here. So I want to thank you for this extraordinary place. I hope that you feel like me that you can like anything and be anything you want.

Some of my favourites

One of the funniest films I wrote about is still 50 shades darker which you can read about here . I loved writing about my adventures abroad which you can read all about it here. I went to a university for applied sciences where I said “It’s a big bunch of fun and a bunch of disappointments.” I also said “..because I have noticed that I don’t love my school as much as I thought I would.” Reading this back now, I can tell I wasn’t happy. Knowing what I know now, I am so happy I made the leap. I also wrote about food, like pumpkin soup, apple pie and a chicken curry. I wrote about a shampoo I am yet again using today, I wrote about how it felt to hold a human brain. I wrote about one of my favourite books. I also told you so much about who I am. Today is a special day. Six year of this, of my little place on the internet. Cheers, to many more to come.

Thank you for reading, always.


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