The final chapter

A new school year is upon us, when you are reading this I have already started. In all actuality I should have started already in the sense that I have lots to read before the first lecture but for once in my life I can’t be bothered. I will of course still do it, knowing me I will work real hard to get it all done. But still, it’s different this year. Every University is different as well as the fact that all countries have different rules. My Uni is still closed for the most part. They do classes for first years meanly. We can show up for some tests and the rest is still online. As someone that enjoys and thrives in a learning environment I must say this is hard. Especially because there are so many people that aren’t taking this seriously as their lives are mostly back to normal. I have been home since march 13th and let me tell you it’s terrible. Being able to just go to Uni and see my friends, meet the teachers and asks questions. It’s just not the same it is now.

I have been feeling really unmotivated and this scares me as I never really had that before. I have had a really easy school life as I was working under what I was capable of for many years. Yet still, even then it wasn’t like this. I do feel blessed though. Everyone is truly doing their best. I also have to give it to my Uni that they don’t want anyone to take longer than they originally planned. For someone like me that is a bit stressed about things like that. It’s good. In a sense I do feel that I should feel grateful I can still ‘attend’ classes. It might be because I am really done with my room and it feels as if the walls are coming nearer and nearer everyday.

Funny that this happens now and I am truly grateful I am not a first year student. I have a group of amazing friends that I do meet up with and talk to. Which I don’t think everyone can say especially when they are starting a new in a different city. Having said all this, it’s the final leap. The last chapter. The final countdown. Where has the time gone? I am in my third and (hopefully) final year of University. For my undergrad at least. I can’t belief it has been so long already. I love my school, I love the subject and I adore my classes (for the most part).

Term one we are starting with neuroscience it actually has a really big long name but you will find my university if I give it out and I am not really looking for any kind of trouble like that. The next class I am taking is Law. Which is something I really am doing just for fun. As well as the fact that I think it’s interesting to learn and to know. As a working professional it will not hurt to have a basis of law. I am excited for this as law was something I would have pursued if psychology didn’t pan out. But it did and I am so happy about that.

I can’t wait to share more of this (in a way) final chapter. Hold tight, we aren’t at the finale yet.

Lots of love, Melissa

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