iZombie (2015-2019)

Ah the holiday spirit is still upon us. Yet, I found it not necessary to talk about more Christmas films at least not for today. Today we will be talking about a series. Now, I hardly ever talk about series as I usually watch the first couple of seasons and then tap out, or even worse see that there are six seasons and I never really start. However, when I was browsing Netflix I suddenly saw I zombie. I remember seeing an add for this series years ago when zombies and vampires where a whole thing but back then I couldn’t watch it anywhere. Apparently I hadn’t forgotten. Funny story I thought I knew Rose Mciver (the main girl from somewhere) turns out she is the girl from the Christmas prince, read my review of this film here.

What is the series about?
Oliva More is a medical resident with a big dream of becoming a heart surgeon. Until she finds herself at a party where everyone is going crazy. When she wakes up in a bodybag, her life is changed forever.. She breaks up with her fiance and gets a job at the morgue so she can feed herself. And that is where we meet her.

The trailer
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What did I think?
Oh, I loved it. I watched the whole thing. Which I really don’t binge watch shows or films really at all. Now I have been taking more time to relax and what films as I find it important to do things that make me unwind. Having said that. This series is great. It doesn’t take itself too seriously but also breaks down so many facets at the same time. Having a disease and not being able to tell others, or not being able to help other in a way you would otherwise. But also how you being different might make you able to do things others cannot. The first two seasons where incredible. But after a while.. the side stories first with Blaine, then Blaine and his Dad, and Seattle finding out. I think by the end there just wasn’t much more to do and it showed. I loved the cooking segments though, they where my favourite. I also really loved the friendship between Ravi and Liv, I think the actors had a lot of positive chemistry Spoilers from here on out: I didn’t like the ending. I found in general it to be nice for Liv to end up with Mayor. However it is very stupid in my opinion that they wouldn’t have taken the cure. Mayor expressed many times that he would have rather died than be a Zombie and Liv wanted the cure so bad. I wouldn’t have minded the ending so much at all if they both just went back to being human. Having said this, I cannot for the life of me understand why it all had to be a secret that they where still alive, especially years later when things had died down. Having said all this, I still really enjoyed watching this series and I would recommend it.

This series is available on Netflix. Do you want to know what I feel about other films and series? Click here. Or maybe something completely different click here.

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