Hit pause

In the past I have talked about being free from social media, being able to relax and not care so much about the world around you. Sometimes one has to be extra sweet and kind to themselves.

It’s good not to do anything, to not text back. To stay in bed or to go for a walk. To watch a movie or endless youtube videos. To do something that feels like nothing. To sleep, to move your body. To do all the things that give you energy, instead of taking it. To simply hit pause.

To me this is very difficult, especially when it feels as if you have to keep going or else everything will fall apart. Being kind to yourself can be the hardest thing. Being able to hit pause. Being able to not put so much pressure on yourself, is hard. Yet sometimes it’s just the thing you should do.

So today, I am hitting pause, and I encourage you do the same. I’ll see you on Wednesday.

Lots of love,

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