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Why your hair might not need heat protection spray

I might have said in the past that I do not believe in heat protecting spray, which is true. I think heat protection is the least of your worries. A regular trim and a good shampoo and conditioner combo is so much more helpful. On the other hand, I do ask myself:  what is the harm? Now it can be counter productive, if a product makes your hair greasy, it makes you want to wash your hair more often. If it dries out your hair, you will more likely have split ends (or your hairdresser will tell you that you need a serious trim). My hair had been feeling a bit dry, mostly because I hadn’t been to the hairdresser for months and the weather went hot and cold every other week. Now I know my hair well enough to know how to take care of it.

So I worked hard at it, and it once again feels great. If you know your hair, you will understand what the product is doing to your hair. You will notice that suddenly you are washing your hair more often. Being aware of such things is what is going to make your hair journey so much better. So using a product has to be for a specific purpose. What I mean with this is, when using a hair mousse for example on my hair it’s so drying, which means I only use it when I want to dance the night away and have my hair stay in place. Otherwise to me, it is not worth it.This product is great to me because of the cap, the product comes out like a mist which makes it easy to put over your whole head instead of just some spots. It also means you need less product, which is always a win.

I like products that have a natural scent, I think drying your hair out for a scent you will not be able to smell most of the time is not a great thing.  As in I don’t go round smelling my hair all the time, so having a nice smell in a hair product is not necessary to me. The productI have been using has added vitamin B5 which they claim to regulate the moisture in the hair. It does contain Alcohol so bottom line it strips your moisture but puts it back. Now I think the most important thing for strong hair is what you eat, not what you put into your hair. If you eat enough fruit and vegetables your hair will have the best chance of becoming healthy and strong. I do not believe in any way shape or form that putting heat on your hair will damage it in a way that can be cured by using a heat protection product. I do not believe that heat protection will heal nor protect your hair in the most meaningful way. As I personally have never noticed a major difference in using or not using it. If it works on your hair, that is amazing I then urge you to keep using the products that you love.

If you do not have the money to afford a heat protecting spray, I do not belief you need it. I simply think that you should look at how the product reacts to your hair. For me I have used multiple heat protectors which did not work with my hair. The one I am using now doesn’t harm my hair. Which to me makes it a good product. If a product doesn’t work for you, it does not work for you and you should stop using it. Give it to someone else or do something else with it. You and your hair deserve better. The spray I am using now  cannot be found online, which is annoying if you do want to know the ingredients I did want to add in this photo. I must admit that I do not care much for the ingredients list as I have not looked into that. I don’t use products like these everyday and I as my hair is quit healthy it doesn’t make a big difference to me.

The take away is, get a trim over a product. As long as it doesn’t damage your hair you are doing good. And even if it doesn’t work necessarily, if it doesn’t harm your hair it does not matter.


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