Updates and decluttering your life

There are so many things I want to say. So, for this reason, I have decided upon a life update.

We are going to move… I have known this fact for a while now. I finally want to share it with you all. My family bought a new house in a different city. I must say I am glad. It is so exciting to look at a new space and decorate it the way I want. Especially being an adult now, I cannot wait. I like my tiny room, don’t get me wrong, but I can in some way not unsee the way it looked when I was a little girl. I made my room this lovely white and grey space, but it’s time for some wood furniture to look more sophisticated. I cannot wait to take you through the process with me. It’s an exciting time for our family as we have lived in our current house for roughly 20 years. I am twenty-four and have no recollection of any other home. I am so excited, and I think it’s great to have a new beginning.

Speaking of new beginnings. I finished my bachelor’s. In three years, with 22.5 extra credits, I managed to graduate in a timely manner. I am beyond proud and can’t wait to take the following steps into my (academic) career. I will in the future talk a bit more about my bachelor’s and all things new. But for now it’s so so exciting to have finished my bachelor’s in psychology.

Finally, I have been decluttering, and I must admit it feels great, primarily a digital declutter. It makes your computer go so much faster, and it’s such an excellent way to close a chapter. Especially with my thesis, I am deleting all the notes I will never need again, which is lovely. I am also deleting emails and bookmarks I simply a great start to your holiday to me. It brings a calmness I really needed. I cannot wait for this summer and to take you along.

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